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  • Basil

    Basil Seeds

    The strong clove-like flavor of basil is an essential feature of many ...

    Regular Price: ₹125 (10.4% Off)

    Special Price ₹112

  • Chives

    Chives Seeds

    An herb which resembles hollow blades of grass, and the smallest membe...

    Regular Price: ₹125 (10.4% Off)

    Special Price ₹112

  • Fennel

    Fennel Seeds

    Fennel is a flowering plant species that comes from the family of carr...

    Regular Price: ₹125 (10.4% Off)

    Special Price ₹112

  • Parsley - 200 Seeds

    Parsley - 200 Seeds

    Grows as biennial in the first year, Parsley is a herb that grows in t...

    Regular Price: ₹95 (25.26% Off)

    Special Price ₹71

  • Rosemary

    Rosemary Seeds

    Rosemary is a fragrant evergreen herb which is commonly used in kitche...

    Regular Price: ₹125 (10.4% Off)

    Special Price ₹112

  • Sage

    Sage Seeds

    Sage is an attractive bush- Its grey green leaves and spikes of blue f...

    Regular Price: ₹125 (10.4% Off)

    Special Price ₹112

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8 Item(s)

Buy Herb Seeds Online in India

Wish to get home the mystical power of herbs and its aroma? Pondering where to start from? Ugaoo gives you the opportunity to grow these tiny magicians at home and start your own little herb garden. All you need to do is, buy herb seeds online from our store, plant them and savour the green plants. Herbs are incredible and rewarding plants to grow, being both decorative and useful. They bring colour and sweet fragrance to the garden. They are versatile and quick to establish. Herbs are grown for both their medicinal properties and to spice up the culinary dishes. These herbs also attract birds, butterflies, and other useful insects into your garden. Ugaoo presents a great variety of herb seeds that can be bought online for you to grow in your garden. Even if you do not have an established garden, you could savour these tiny green magicians by growing them in pots and window boxes. The entire range of seeds is beckoned by an optimum quality and assures a healthy yield. Packaged with precision all our herb seeds belong to the finest collection in the market. These seeds are guaranteed fresh and genuine to species with planting and germination instructions and picture on each and every packet.



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