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Antirrhinum Seeds

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Description For Antirrhinum Seeds

Antirrhinum has many types of species in the genus and is commonly called as Snapdragon flower. It is the cold season annual plants and do best in full or partial sun, in well drained soil.

How to grow Antirrhinum from Seeds:

Introduction and Uses: Antirrhinum is a perennial plant, but in India, it is treated as an annual. It branches with numerous colorful flowering spikes.

The flower colors range from white and cream to yellow, shades of pink, scarlet, red, orange, brick red, mauve, rose, maroon, etc.

It is one of the most popular and widely grown garden annuals. The plant can be used among the shrubs, in mixed borders, and also with herbaceous plants.

Antirrhinum is an excellent plant for pots, containers and flower beds. Plants are also used for edging and bordering in formal gardens and covering the patches of the rock garden.

Botanical Name: Antirrhinum majus

Common Name: Snapdragon

Family: Scrophulariaceae

Plant Origin: Europe

Propagation Method: Seed sowing and transplantation

Flowering/ Growing Season: Winter

Sunlight Requirement: Full sunlight

Plant Height: 60-75 cm

Growing Method of Antirrhinum Plant:

  • In India, seeds are sown during September-October. In low rainfall areas, sowing can be done as early as July.
  • Seeds are sown thinly in nursery beds/ seed pans/seedling trays.
  • Fine sandy soil is required for seedbed (Outdoors), or coco peat is used as sowing medium for seedling trays (Indoors).
  • If sowing is to be done in bulk quantity, the seeds can be mixed with a double amount of sand.
  • Before sowing the seeds, soil/coco peat should be made slightly moist.
  • Immediately after sowing the seeds, watering should be done carefully with a fine rose-can.
  • Seedlings are allowed to grow on seedbeds/trays kept in semi shade.
  • When seedlings are about 7-8 cm tall, they are transplanted in pots or flower beds.
  • Seedlings should be transplanted in high-quality rich soil or potting mixture.

  • Planting Distance: Planting in beds is done 30-40 cm apart. For pot culture, plants are grown in 25 cm pots.

    Watering: Over-Watering should be avoided as this may cause rotting. The plant does not thrive well during the rains as a certain amount of dryness around the root region is preferred by the plant.

    Feeding: Over-manuring may result in poor quality flowers. Fresh compost should be added to soil at the time of planting.

    Plant care: Seedlings are susceptible to ‘damping off’. Also, Rust is a serious disease in Antirrhinum, particularly in hot and dry climates. Spray fungicides to control the diseases.

    Bloom time: Plants take about 2.5 to 4 months to flower.


    Category Flower Seeds
    Spacing (Row to Row X Plant to Plant) 30 cm x 30 cm
    Germination Time Germination will take place in 6 - 8 days from sowing.
    Fertilizer Chemicals: Suphala or Urea - 5 g Per Plant. Organic: Neemcake or Vermicompost - 10 g Per Plant.
    Season of Sowing September - January


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