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Barrix Fly Catcher Trap Yellow Sheet - Set of 5

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Description For Barrix Fly Catcher Trap Yellow Sheet - Set of 5

An integrated pest management (IPM) tool, the traps are effective in mass trapping when used in recommended quantities. An educative tool too, the traps are an eco-friendly alternative that help in sustained organic cultivation.
The bright yellow traps appear like fresh green foliage to the pests and are specially effective proactive measure against identified sucking pest of high risk that includes : 1)Aphids, 2) Brown plant hopper, 3) Cabbage root fly, 4) Cabbage white butterfly, 5) Capsids, 6) Cucumber beetles, 7) Diamondback moth, 8) Flea beetles, 9) Frog hoppers, 10)Fungus gnats, 11) Jassids, 12) Leaf hoppers, 13) Leaf miners, 14) Midges, 15) Onion fly, 16) Sciarides, 17) Shore flies, 18) Stink bug, 19) Tea mosquito bug.

Special Features :
  • Non-drying
  • Non-fading
  • Non-dripping
  • Double side gumming, extra large surface
  • Water proof
  • Resistant to high temperature (up to 600 C)
  • Attracts pests from long distance
  • One inch square grid lines for easy counting of fly pests

  • How to use :
  • Organic farms
  • Open fields
  • Plantations
  • Greenhouses
  • Tea/Coffee estates
  • Gardens
  • Nurseries
  • Orchards
  • Mushrooms farms
  • Poultry farms

  • Benefits to farmers :
  • Timely detection of pests
  • Reduce risk of pest outbreaks
  • Identify hot-spots
  • Organise timing of sprays
  • Details

    Colour Yellow
    Technical Content Colour frequency of the trap (wavelength between 500nm and 600nm) has been selected after testing for maximum target pest attraction. A single trap is effective for 735 sq ft area; traps 7333 insects within 15 days of exposure.
    Dosage Use 10 sheets per acre or 25 sheets per hectare from vegetative stage to harvesting stage.
    Application Type Insert a stick through the slots in the sheets. Place the traps just above the plant foliage in low crops and in taller crops, 5ft above the ground level In greenhouses. additionally use near vents and doors for better monitoring.


    SKU NUFCT002
    Product Weight 100g
    Product Width 30 cm
    Product Height 24 cm
    Product Depth 5 mm


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