How to Get Rid of Pesky Pigeons Naturally in India

How to Get Rid of Pesky Pigeons Naturally in India

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Have you ever found yourself cleaning up after pigeons more often than you’d like? These birds, while harmless, can quickly become a nuisance with their droppings and nesting, especially on urban balconies where space is a premium. Whether it’s your home or a place where you like to relax, keeping pigeons away can be crucial for maintaining cleanliness and health.

Dealing with pigeons doesn’t have to involve harsh measures. In fact, there are several natural ways to discourage these birds from claiming your balcony as their new favorite spot. This guide will walk you through various methods on how to get rid of pigeons naturally, ensuring that your outdoor spaces remain clean and free of pigeons without harming them. With these tips, you can reclaim your balcony and enjoy your mornings in peace.


• Methods to Keep Pigeons Away

1. Reflective Surfaces

Hanging CDs in Gardens as Natural Bird Repellents

Often the question arises as to how to keep pigeons away from the balcony?
So here is the solution, pigeons dislike strong light reflections. Hanging CDs, aluminum foil, or small mirrors on your balcony can deter pigeons by creating unpredictable light patterns that disorient them.

2. Natural Repellents

Using spices like cinnamon, pepper, or chili powder can help you to get rid of pigeons. Sprinkle these around areas where pigeons frequent, or make a spray solution to apply on surfaces where they roost.

3. Physical Barriers

Installing netting or spikes on balcony railings and ledges prevents pigeons from landing and nesting. These barriers are effective and do not harm the birds but simply discourage them from settling.

4. Decoy Predators

Decoy Owl Predator for Pigeons

Placing figures of predators, such as owls or hawks, on your balcony can scare pigeons away. These should be moved regularly to maintain the illusion of a real threat.

5. Water Jets

Automated sprinklers or manually operated water sprays can be used to startle and shoo away pigeons when they attempt to land on your property.

6. Essential Oils

Scents like peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus are known to get rid of pigeons due to their strong aromas. Soak cotton balls in these oils and place them in areas where pigeons are a problem, such as balcony corners or window sills.

7. Sound Devices

Sound Device to Repel Birds

Ultrasonic sound devices emit frequencies that are uncomfortable for pigeons but are not audible to humans. These devices can be an effective deterrent when placed in areas frequently visited by pigeons.

8. Garden Balls

Shiny, colorful garden balls not only decorate your space but also act as a visual deterrent for pigeons. Place these balls around your garden or on your balcony to help keep pigeons away by confusing and scaring them with reflections and bright colors.


• Plant Protection: Using Nature to Deter Pigeons

Often the question arises how to get rid of pigeons naturally ?

There are natural ways to keep pigeons away from your plants without taking away from the aesthetics of your balcony or garden. Here's how to ward off pigeons using the natural world itself:


1. Natural Pigeon Repellents

Lavender Fields Naturally Repel Birds

Certain plants have strong scents or textures that are believed to repel pigeons. Think about adding marigolds, lavender, or basil to your balcony or yard in pots. These plants are great natural repellents because of their disagreeable scents to pigeons.

2. Tall, Dense Plants

Pigeons will have a hard time navigating a densely arranged physical barrier made of tall, dense plants like bamboo or tall grasses. In addition to providing protection for smaller, more delicate plants, these plant barriers enhance the visual appeal of your garden.

3. Healthy Plants

Healthy Garden Plants in a Garden

Healthy, robust plants are less likely to attract pigeons, which often seek out weaker plants as easier targets for feeding and nesting. Regular watering, proper fertilization, and disease management will help you get rid of pigeons.
Using these natural strategies not only helps protect your plants from pigeons but also enhances the beauty and health of your garden, creating a more enjoyable and pigeon-free environment.


In conclusion, effectively managing pigeon populations in urban areas requires humane and natural strategies. By utilizing methods like reflective surfaces, physical barriers, and natural repellents, you can keep pigeons away from your balcony or garden without harming them. Integrating pigeon-repelling plants and maintaining cleanliness are also essential steps to discourage these birds from settling in your space.

Combining various deterrents can enhance their effectiveness, ensuring your outdoor areas remain pleasant and pigeon-free. Remember, the goal is to coexist peacefully with our feathered neighbors by using respectful and sustainable methods. Implement these simple, practical solutions to protect your space and enjoy a cleaner, more harmonious environment.


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