Growing Gladiolus Plants: What Colour is your Favourite?

Growing Gladiolus Plants: What Colour is your Favourite?

The Gladiolus flower is one the prettiest bulbous flowers in India that thrives in the winter and summer seasons. Known to grow tall and occupy space, it acts as beautiful decoration and bordering for many gardens. 

The colourful blooms can vary from white, pink, purple, lilac, black, yellow mauve and green and are much loved by gardeners who have mastered the art of gardening low-maintenance plants.

The plant falls under the category of colourful and ornamental plants and can be used as a cut flower for daily decoration in the house as well! Read on to learn how to grow this plant.


How to Grow a Gladiolus Flower?



Gladiolus is relatively easy to plant and maintain. You can have a continuous chain of colourful blooms throughout the year by planting them in intervals, so they bloom one after the other. These can be planted in a pot or a gardening bed with either seeds or corms.

Corms are gladiolus bulbs that need to be dug and sowed at least 12 inches deep into the soil. This makes sure that the leaves that sprout aren’t swayed and harmed by harsh winds.

Gladiolus also needs to be planted in sandy, well-drained soil. It does not do well in excessively wet soil.

This bulb flowering plant’s seeds can also alternatively be used to sow and grow into a flowering plant.

It is preferred that you sow a gladiolus plant while the Sun is out with a small addition of fertilizer. In case you’re potting it, the pot would require some cow dung mixed with coarse sand and will need proper drainage.

You can also plant the bulbs of a Gladiolus separately in a dark area, cup or bag and wait for it to sprout. It can then be replanted in moist soil with fertilizer.


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Caring for your Gladiolus Flowers



Gladiolus flowers bloom early if taken well care of. It’s one of the easiest ornamental plants you can start growing in the comfort of your home. All you need is a good mixture of soil, manure and sand and proper care in the initial stages of its growth.

You can cut the blooms at a slant angle for them to grow further and the cut harvest can either be used in common decoration or can allow further propagation of the plant. The sooner you immerse them in water for decoration, the better it would be for the plant.

Make sure you keep at least 5-6 leaves on the cut plant for further blooms.

Once the gladiolus flowers have bloomed and retreated, it’s best to cut off the stalk for fresh growth. You should also remove dead flowers for newer growth on your flowering plant.

In case you live in a dry region, it’s best to water your gladiolus regularly so that the soil stays moist.

Make sure to renew the mulch and soil of the flowering bed or pot where you’ve planted your Gladiolus with bark, shredded leaves or general fertilizer. Once potted, a liquid fertilizer should be used (as per the instructions on its bottle).

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Common Problems with Gladiolus Flowers

Gladiolus is notoriously known for catching fungal infections, which can be easily eliminated by using pesticide sprays and watering within limits. In case you see the infection growing, it’s best to uproot and cut off the infected part so that it doesn’t grow to the rest of the plant.

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You should also insert bamboo sticks beside the blooms to give proper support to the flowers since they are heavy and may flop down because of wind or their weight.

You should also look at not overgrowing your bulbs in an existing pot. As a Gladiolus flower grows and stretches, it can cover up inches of space at a time! It’s best to re-pot it in bigger pots once it’s overgrown its existing pot.

You can look at newer pots for your gladiolus flowers.

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Gladiolus is a much loved, easy-to-grow and beautiful plant that you should have in your home. It’s made for every budding gardener and provides easy, quick blooms that stay for a long time and can then be used for home decoration.

It’s one of the easiest plants you can take to indulge in ornamental gardening and you can also propagate it to have multiple pots throughout your house.

We recommend you get a pack of bulbs in the color of your choice from and start your gladiolus journey today! You can plant them in intervals of one week to get a harvest of bulbs that blooms for a long period.

Make sure you take proper care of the plant, check up for fungal infections from time to time and invest in good soil for its long life.

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