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Bloom Burst - Plant Food (Rose Special) - 1 kg

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Description For Bloom Burst - Plant Food (Rose Special) - 1 kg

A unique composting and technical process transforms raw manure into a clean manageable resource that can be safely used around all garden plants. Dynamic lifter is more than just a fertilizer. It breathes life into your soil by adding organic matter, improving moisture retention & promoting microbial & earthworm activity.

Application Guide:

  • As a guide, one adult handful holds about 70 gms. One cupful holds about 100 gms.

  • For Best Results:

  • Remove a top layer of soil and apply recommended dosage around the pot.
  • Refill removed soil.
  • Water Well.
  • Always store pack in cool and dry place.

  • Flower & Rose Bed:

  • Use 70 gms per plant while planting and then again every 6 weeks during the growing season.

  • Potted plants:

  • Use 35 gms for a 15 cms (6 in) diameter pot or 50 gms for a 30 cms (12 in) pot and 70 gms for 157 cms (18 in) pot.

  • Features:

  • Enriches the soil.
  • Does not burn roots.
  • Free of weeds and harmful impurities.
  • Pelletized for easy application.
  • Contains micro nutrients and primery elements N.P.K.
  • Increases water retention and aeration.
  • Details

    Application Type Soil Application


    SKU NUSM0019
    Product Weight 1070 g
    Product Height 21 cm
    Product Width 10 cm
    Product Depth 10 cm


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