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Ceramic Pots

With indoor plants being a major part of any home decor theme. Ceramic planters and pots have become very important. They support plant health and also improve the aesthetic of your home. Ugaoo has a wide variety of premium quality ceramic plant pots for indoor plants in all shapes and sizes to suit your requirements, explore our range of ceramic pots online.

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Silk Thread Ceramic Pot

₹2699 ₹1999(26% OFF)

Smile Prism Ceramic Pot (9.5 Inch Diameter)

₹3099 ₹2299(26% OFF)

Phoenix Ceramic Pot (9.5 Inch Diameter)

₹3399 ₹2499(26% OFF)

Dark Affinity Ceramic Pot - Medium (7.5 Inch Diameter)

₹3399 ₹2499(26% OFF)

Precious Horcrux Ceramic Pot (8.6 Inch Diameter)

₹3799 ₹2799(26% OFF)

Phoenix Ceramic Pot (12.5 Inch Diameter)

₹4699 ₹3499(26% OFF)

Fleeting Bliss Ceramic Pot (11 Inch Diameter)

₹5349 ₹3999(25% OFF)

Precious Horcrux Ceramic Pot (12.5 Inch Diameter)

₹5399 ₹3999(26% OFF)

Smile Prism 107M Ceramic Pot (11 Inch Diameter)

Out of stock

Cylindrical Ceramic Pot With Plate (5.5 Inch Diameter)

Out of stock

Love Duet Ceramic Pot - Medium (9.5 Inches)

Out of stock

Loved Flowers White Ceramic Pot (10.5 Inch Diameter)

₹4699 ₹3499(26% OFF)
Out of stock

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Buy Ceramic Pots and Planters Online

Our ceramic plant pots or planters are crafted with care to ensure the best health of your plants. They are made of premium grade material and have a stunning glaze to further elevate their looks. All our pots come with a weighted base for better balance and a drainage hole at the bottom to drain extra water and keep your plants healthy. Buy ceramic pots online from us to ensure that you get quality products and a safe home delivery. All our ceramic planters are designed to help your plants grow better and are designed with the right size specifications to suit plants of several sizes.
The benefits of adding Ceramic Pots to a garden are that they hold less moisture, that is optimum when your plant’s soil should need to be kept moist and not wet. Our ceramic flower pots come in a variety of sizes. We have ceramic tabletop planters, ceramic floor planters, and also ceramic windowsill planters. Our ceramic succulent planters are cute and come in a variety of colours.
Buy ceramic pots online from Ugaoo for a quick and happy shopping experience. Ceramic pots not only add beauty to your indoor garden but also add character to your outdoor garden space.
When you order plants online from us, it comes to you in a self-watering pot with a special potting mix and a detailed plant care guide to help you understand your houseplants better. All our plants are packed in completely recyclable and state of the art packaging we call plant pods.
Our plants for sale online are categorised as per placement, special characteristics, plant type, and decor style. All our online plants come with detailed information like plant care tips, growing conditions, plant FAQs, with accurate product images. You get what you see on the website. We are the most trusted online nursery in India and a one-stop shop for all gardening tools, pesticides, fertilisers, and other gardening needs.
At Ugaoo, we firmly believe that it's not only people who grow plants, but plants that grow people.
We Deliver Plants Online to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and many more cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do plants live better in ceramic planters?

Plants not only look better in ceramic planters but also live better in ceramic planters as compared to plastic or fiber planters. All our ceramic planters online have a drainage hole at the bottom to save your plants from overwatering. They keep the soil cool and the roots healthy.

Which Plants are suitable for Ceramic Pots?

All plants can be grown in ceramic pots. Ceramic pots are great for all plants and they live a very healthy life in them. Indoor plants look especially good in ceramic planters of different styles and they also add to the decor of your home. However hanging ceramic planters is not a great idea from a safety perspective till proper arrangements are made.

Do the indoor ceramic plant pots hold moisture?

Yes, indoor ceramic plant pots hold ample moisture. All our ceramic pots come with a drainage hole at the bottom to let the excess water drain out and only retain the right amount of moisture to help your plants thrive.

Are ceramic plant pots safe?

Yes, ceramic plant pots are safe to use at home. They are a great option for all plants and help them thrive. They are long-lasting and easy to maintain. A premium quality ceramic planter from Ugaoo not only looks great but is safe to use as both tabletop and floor planters.

Is it necessary to put rocks at the bottom of a planter?

If you are using a very well-draining potting mix that allows the water to drain immediately and does not compact on drying up then adding rocks at the bottom is not necessary. However, if your potting mix is not that well-draining and is loamier then adding a layer of large stones at the bottom ensures drainage of excess water and prevents the drainage hole from getting clogged.

Why Should I buy ceramic pots online from Ugaoo?

Ugaoo is one of the most trusted gardening brands in India. We not only sell premium quality ceramic planters that are crafted keeping in mind what is best for plants and their root growth. All our planters are glazed for a premium finish and are suitable for all kinds of plants from succulents to large plants. Ugaoo delivers the planters directly to your doorstep saving you the hassle of transporting them. Our wide range of planters fits every decor style and is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

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