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Flower Seeds

Flowers delight people and make them happier; they are the sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul. To glam up your garden space, Ugaoo presents most assorted Flower Seeds online. You can find the seeds of every flower in our catalogue to make your garden blooming.

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Balsam Mix Seeds

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

Calendula Seeds

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

Celosia Plumosa Seeds

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

Chrysanthemum Mix (250 Seeds)

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

Cosmos Mix Seeds

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

Dahlia Seeds

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

Ipomoea Morning Glory Seeds

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

Marigold African Double Seeds

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

Marigold French Seeds

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

Petunia Mix Seeds

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

Portulaca Mix Seeds

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

Sunflower Sungold Seeds

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

The Ugaoo - Tomato Plant Kit

₹450 ₹300(33% OFF)

The Ugaoo- Marigold Plant Kit

₹450 ₹300(33% OFF)

Vinca Seeds

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

Zinnia Double Mix Seeds

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

Zinnia Lilliput Mix Seeds

₹155 ₹93(40% OFF)

Aboli Pink Seeds

Out of stock

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Buy Flower Seeds Online in India

To add a flamboyant charm to your home, you can trust Ugaoo for the best assortment of flowers seeds online that will make your garden space colourful and vibrant. These seeds are also used for nourishing soil in lawns and in flower beds.

Did you know that flowers influence people’s mood and make them happy? Flowers are a universal language: you don’t have to talk about love in order to show interest; you don’t need words to express your joy. The simple sight of beautiful flowers, like the cheerful yellow daisy or the elegant pink rose, brings warmth and serenity into your life. Flower seeds are tiny plants that can grow up into beautiful flowers. And they will not only bring blooms to your garden; these lovely flowers with their unique colours and smells will also change the atmosphere in your home. Are you looking for the best flower seeds online or flower seeds for sale to make your gardening experience pleasant?

Manufactured in generous packets, with sowing instructions, you can buy flower seeds online at, where we take every measure to assist you in the entire process of growing exotic blooms in your backyard. With nearly 62 seed varieties, Ugaoo’s Flower Seeds bring forth innovative genetics supported by a team of diverse, committed and experts. All our seeds are backed by world-class customer service and technical support. At you can buy flower seeds for sale online from a range of varieties such as flower size, fragrance, flavour to species and varieties. Be it Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, or Hyderabad you get home a variety of fresh blooms. You can also order flower seeds online in India for cash on delivery.

If you are new to gardening, you need to know the difference between annual and perennial seeds. Annual flower seeds are easy to germinate, bloom quickly and grow into lovely flowers that last over a long season. At Ugaoo, we assure you that these seeds will bring you the most beautiful, high performing annuals.

The perennials, on the other hand, are easy to grow and make for real beauty in the garden. Most of them regrow in summer while some are evergreen and attractive throughout the year.

On the other hand, Biennial flowers from seed complete their life cycle in two years, building healthy plants the first year and blooming the second year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the easiest flowers to grow from seed?

When starting out, a lot of people like to start with flowers. However, if you are hoping for quick results and blooms you won’t have to wait too long for, there are some plants that could fit the bill. Here is the list of 10 quick to grow from seed flowers that will get you seeing results in no time at all.Sweet Alyssum


2.Johnny Jump-ups




6.Annual Phlox




Where is the best place to buy seeds online?

Among the best places to buy flower seeds online, can be a great choice since we sell quality seeds at pocket-friendly prices. For numerous years, our website is now considered a leading supplier of flower seeds online.

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