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    Cantaloupe Fruit Seeds (Muskmelon) Cantaloupe Fruit Seeds (Muskmelon)

    Cantaloupe Seeds (Muskmelon)

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    Cantaloupe is a round shaped, bulky muskmelon fruit rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, fiber, and manganese. Learn More

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Buy Fruit Seeds Online in India

Wouldn't it be fascinating if you got a chance to pick up your favourite fruit from your garden whenever you want?
For all the fruit enthusiasts, at Ugaoo, we offer fruit seeds online for Papaya (Hybrid), Watermelon (Hybrid), Muskmelon (Organic). These seeds are selected with precision and assure juicy and delectable fruits right in your backyard.
Amongst all three, Papaya is the easiest to grow. Papayas need loads of sunlight, loads of water, frost-free climate and excellent soil. It starts bearing fruits almost 6-10 months after it is sown. On the other hand, Watermelons need full sun and sandy soil to grow and flourish. Please note that watermelons do not sweeten after they are picked. So, watch them till they ripen totally and only then pick them. Muskmelons are also known as Cantaloupe. They are tender, warm weather plants and are also called summer melons.
By planting fruit bearing trees, you would not only have the leverage of including vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber but also purify the air around you and attract a variety of birds, bees and butterflies in your garden.

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