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Dravya Pushti Vardhak Organic Liquid 250ml

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Description For Dravya Pushti Vardhak Organic Liquid 250ml

Dravya Pushti Vardhak Organic Liquid- Home gardens(DPV-HG) is a natural care taker of home garden plants amended with all the necessary elements and organic molecules required for plants growth. This innovates formulation helps to regulate nutrients uptake under home environment which in turn helps improve plants health and photosynthesis.

100% Naturally Derived from Tender Coconut, this Organic Liquid is most suited for the growth and immunity of all types of plants and crops. This unique formulation contains all key nutrients and ingredients in their natural form which are concentrated without addition of any chemicals. This improves the uptake of nutrients in the proper form and at the stage of the plant growth, when it is required. Hence the results are evident in a very short time in the form of root development, branching and flowering. DPV – HG, as a result, can be widely used for all home grown flowering plants as well as fruits and vegetables. Its natural origin helps it deliver results under all climatic conditions and soil types.

A few of the naturally available elements in the liquid are as under:
  • Potassium
  • Macro and Micro elements (calcium, magnesium, sulphur, manganese, iron, zinc and copper)
  • Cytokinins, Auxins, Giberellic and Enzymes
  • Amino acids, sugars
  • Phenolics

  • Some of the key advantages of using DPV - HG are:
    1. Builds immunity of the plant through better root and shoot development.
    2. Improves flowering and fruit setting significantly.
    3. Facilitates efficient photosynthesis in the plant making it greener and healthier.
    4. The Phenolics present in the liquid helps to resist fungal and pest attacks.
    5. Application of DPV - HG through soil increases its microbial activity.

    Thus DPV - HG as indicated by its name Dravya Pushti Vardhak improves overall health of the plant and helps in its holistic development.



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