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    TATA Digging Pickaxe TATA Digging Pickaxe

    TATA Digging Pickaxe

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    The TATA Digging Pickaxe is a useful tool for digging into dirt for planting crops and plants. Learn More
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    TATA Spade TATA Spade

    TATA Spade

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    The TATA Spade is primarily used to distribute soil in your garden or farm. Learn More

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To make your garden look beautiful all the year round use a spade to churn the soil and keep it aerated, use organic compost to top up the soil and keep it at its best for an extended period. Weeds are a nightmare and can eat up the entire garden. Hence, conduct appropriate activities like Pruning, Cutting, and Weeding. To keep the garden well maintained conduct raking daily / weekly, use premium quality spades, mowers, rakes, and wheelbarrows. To spray the pesticides use the right sprayers since an excessive amount of both can harm the plants.
Watering is another important aspect of gardening. Keep the plants moist and hydrated but do not overwater the plants. Instead, use watering tools designed to water them properly and without any hassle. Secondly, a healthy garden is devoid of harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Hence, it is advisable to create Mulch. Mow your lawn with a lawnmower and use the leaves and grass to create Mulch. This Mulch would act as a natural fertilizer and compost.
To make your garden look good use accessories and beautify your green space. Accessorize your garden with beautiful and trendy pots and planters. Choose colorful and vibrant containers that are available in plastic, ceramic and wooden materials. Use right-sized pebbles to both glams up space around the containers, creating a pathway or simply decorating the green space.
At Ugaoo, we offer all this and much more. Our entire range of products is branded and 100% genuine. All the products are tested. Offering the widest range in India we ensure that our customers are satisfied and happy.

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