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Buy Garden Hand Tools Online in India

Cultivators are extremely useful to turn the soil and remove the weeds. For miniature or small sized gardens it can be used like a tiny plow to dig the garden and plant rows. Plant bedding and vegetables easily with a Trowel. An ideal Trowel should feature a short, smooth and broad handle for an efficient grip. While the Transplanters can be used for transplanting or replanting the plants in a garden. Transplanting is initially done to start a plant from the seeds in optimal conditions like the greenhouse and then place them outdoors. Forks are a gardener’s favorite tool and are of pivotal importance in any garden. They can be used for multiple tasks like shifting mulch and leaves, uproot stubborn plants, aerate the soil and turn it. Garden Hoe is imperative in raking off the weeds properly so that they do not re-root. Weeds can also be eliminated by using bent scrapers,Weeders. too are extremely handy for removing stubborn weeds from the garden or lawn and keeping it neat and tidy. Bonsai trees need a proper set of equipment. The trees need to be finished with accurate cuts, even edges and clean profile. The list of Bonsai tools is inclusive of Shears, Cutters, Pruning Saw, Grafting Knife and much more.
Ugaoo presents these excellent quality hand tools. Tried and tested each one of them is beckoned by Ugaoo’s promise of delivering only the best gardening gear to its fellow gardeners.

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