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Cut dead branches, twigs, and firewood with an Axe. Available in multiple sizes this gardening tool is used for various activities in a garden. The range of axes available at Ugaoo is durable and easy to handle.

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  • Pyramid Axe- Big

    Regular Price: ₹1,225.00

    Special Price ₹945.00

  • Pyramid Axe- Medium

    Regular Price: ₹960.00

    Special Price ₹725.00

  • Pyramid Axe- Small

    Regular Price: ₹815.00

    Special Price ₹595.00

    Out of stock

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Buy Axes Online in India

Buy Axe online from our store and break up dry, hardened, rocky soils quickly. You can not only define edges and remove turfs with this tool but also move mounds of dirt away from the leveled ground. With soo many advantages, we think this tool should be in your toolkit before you plan to work in your garden.

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