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    Arbuda Fog Machine - 2 Litres Arbuda Fog Machine - 2 Litres

    Arbuda Fog Machine - 2 Litres

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    A plastic, hand held fog maching which is easily portable and usable to distribute pesticides Learn More

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    ASPEE Duo Fog Machine - 1.5 Litres ASPEE Duo Fog Machine - 1.5 Litres

    ASPEE Duo Fog Machine - 1.5 Litres

    Regular Price: ₹25,555.00

    Special Price ₹18,950.00

    A superior-quality, hand held, stainless steel fog machine for distributing pesticides and insecticides to get rid of mosquitos Learn More

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Buy Spray Pumps for Garden Online India

If used in excess it can cause the plants to wither away and make the edible ones poisonous and harmful. So, to regulate the entire process and the set an adequate dose Spray Pumps were invented.
Hand Pumps are just like the usual window cleaners available in the market. You can use these to spray the ready-to-use gardening solutions and just squeeze. They are gardener’s favorite as these are economical, portable, easy to use and allow a fine spray. The Hand Pumps are not of much use if the larger areas have to be sprayed. The Professional Spray Pumps come with an on and off valve. They can be used to efficiently manage the flow of fertilizers and pesticides. They also help in spraying the liquids far and wide which makes it easy to reach the intricate areas. Lastly, you can use fogging machines to get rid of the bugging insects. They not only help in pest control in the garden but also uniformly distribute the active substances in the garden. With the use of Fogging machine the use of harmful substances can be minimized, soil would be saved from being infused with poisonous substances and that in turn would result in saving the environment from being harmed.
Ugaoo has a broad range of both the Hand Pumps and Professional Spray Pumps that can easily help you set the amount of fertiliser or pesticide you need to use in your garden without harming your lovely plants.

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