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This can only be done with the use of gardening tools like Watering Cans and Watering Hose.
Watering Cans are used since 17th Century. Since inception a watering can has undergone numerous transformations. It comprises a handle and a spout and is used to water the plants by hand. It is the functionality of this tool that makes it highly efficient and a must have in every garden. It is available in material like plastic, metal or ceramic, and its spout can be replaced with different caps to regulate the flow of water and customize it as per ones need and preference. On the other hand with the help of water hose you can easily water the plant base i.e. area beneath the leaves and leave the surroundings dry. This will limit the weed growth, and all the water will be dedicated to the area it is needed the most. If plants are placed in a row, the Watering Hose can help in supplying each one of them with equal water.
At Ugaoo, both the Watering Cans and Watering Hose are of premium quality and are available in a wide variety of different variations. Long-lasting and rust-free they ensure that you do not end up over watering or wasting this precious elixir of life. Our watering devices are also easy to carry and control.

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