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Description For Gudvel

Also known as Tinospora, Gudvel is a deciduous perennial climber belongs to the Menispermaceae family. The species produces a lot of aerial roots. It is propagated by stem cuttings as well as by seeds. The stem and leaves are medicinally used as raw drug. Tinospora stem is a common constituent of a number of ayurvedic vital tonics for the treatment of general debility, dyspepsia, fevers and urinary diseases. Starch called as “Sat Giloe” present in the stem is the active principle of the species. Major constituents are tinosporon, tinosporic acid, tinosporoside, tinosporin and cordifolide. Leaf also contains a number of alkaloids. Leaf is used for the treatment of gout, jaundice and rheumatism.

Benefits of using Gudvel:

  • Burning sensation of extremities Chronic fever.
  • Greener, shinier, and Healthier leaves.
  • Skin disease Jaundice and General debility.

  • How to grow Gudvel Plant:

    Botanical Name: Tinospora cordifolia

    Common Name: Giloy, Guduchi, Amrita.

    Family: Menispermaceae

    Description: Gulvel is a perennial climber that eventually becomes a liana (woody climber). It has unique, beautiful, heart-shaped leaves. Naturally, it grows in rainforests of India. The climber also produces hanging roots from the canopy.

    Planting Season: Throughout the year. Best planted in monsoon.

    Climate: Gudvel grows well in hot climate.

    Soil: Well-drained medium loamy soil. The plant can also grow in barren soil.

    Location: Outdoors.

    Planting: Plant gulvel near tree, pole or a wall. Younger plants can be grown in 10-12 inch pot.

    Sunlight Requirement: Full sun (6-8 hours) or partial sun (3-4 hours)

    Watering: Younger potted plants should be watered every alternate day. Adult plants growing outdoors don't need much watering.

    Manuring: Provide plenty of Organic Manure once a year before the rainy season.

    Plant protection: It's a wild hardy plant. No notable pest or disease is found.

    Repotting: Pot should be changed once a year before the rainy season. Ultimately a well grown potted plant should be planted in the ground.

    Propagation: Seed sowing or stem cuttings (May-June)

    Medicinal properties:
  • Herb—antipyretic, antiperiodic, Anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, spasmolytic, hypoglycemic, hepatoprotective.
  • Water extract increases urine output.
  • Stem juice—prescribed in a high fever; decoction in rheumatic and bilious fevers.
  • Aqueous extract of the plant—febrifuge. Starch—antacid, antidiarrhoeal and antidysenteric.

  • Plant part used: Stem and leaves

    How to use:
  • Food: Leaves can be cooked as a green vegetable & it also tastes good.
  • Liver diseases: 1 spoon full of Gulvel leaf juice along sugar & ghee is given to cure liver-related problems.
  • Herbal tea: A small piece of stem is added in herbal tea. This tea is given to a person recovering malaria or dengue, as it helps to strengthen the body and increase immunity.
  • Gulvel stem extract is an appetizing, digestive tonic.
  • Details

    Category Medicinal Plants
    Type of Plants Aromatic Medicinal Herb
    Ideal plants location Plants For Sunny Balconies
    Water Schedule Every alternate day
    Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor Shade Loving Plant, Outdoor Sun Loving Plant


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