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Gummy Trap - Big

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Description For Gummy Trap - Big

The Gummy Trap provides instant rodent control and is safe for household use. Simple in design and use, this trap allows for quick and clean trapping. Once a Rodent walks on the trap, it gets stuck to the super adhesive glue and cannot escape. It can then be easily disposed of for clean and instant removal. They are ideal for use anywhere in your house and should be placed where rodents have been spotted.

Unique Features:
  • Quick Trap
  • Easy Disposable
  • Ready to Use
  • Non Toxic, Eco Friendly & Biodegradable

  • Directions: Rat / Mice have the habit & behavior to move / run along the walls and corners.
  • Under Sinks
  • Under Kitchen Platform
  • In Pantries or Closets
  • Behind Appliances

  • Open your Gummy Trap Glue Pad and place the trap at likely harboring / pathway considering their biology & behavior. Once the Mice / Rats are caught, take it in biodegradable bag, Dispose it underground minimum 6 inch away from active Water & Root-Zone.


    Technical Content Rat Trap
    Dosage As per requirement
    Application Type Rodent Trap


    SKU NURIC065
    Product Weight 158g
    Product Width 17
    Product Height 22
    Product Depth 1 cm


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