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Description For Homalomena

How to grow Homalomena

Plant Description: Homalomena is a perennial garden plant found worldwide, especially in the tropical and humid climates of Central America and Asia. It can reach to the height of nine inches. Its dark green, heart-shaped leaves make it an attractive plant. The Chinese name for Homalomena is 'qian nian jian', which means 'thousand years of health'. The Homalomena rhizomes are used in herbal preparations.

Botanical Name:Homalomena sp.

Plant type: Ornamental foliage plant.

Deciduous/Evergreen: Evergreen.

Growth Habit: Perennial shrub.

Growth Rate: Slow Growing

Average Landscape Size: Grows up to 3-4 feet in height.

How to care for Homalomena

Soil: Mix one part well-drained garden soil, one part coco peat & one part rich compost.

Pot Size: 12 to 16-inch pot

Potting/Transplanting: Transplant the Homalomena sapling in a pot along with root-ball of original soil. Carefully place the plant in the middle of the container & cover the roots completely with remaining soil.

Repotting: Change the pot every year. Use bigger sized pot every time you repot the plant.

Sunlight: It is a very hardy plant and prefers low to medium lighting.

Water: The Homalomena plant must be kept well watered throughout. Maintain the soil evenly moist, but allow it to dry out between waterings.

Fertiliser: Add rich compost & well rotten cow dung while potting a plant.

Temperature: Homalomena prefers pleasant warm temperatures. Minimum temperature requirements are 15 degrees celsius.

Humidity: Homalomena likes hot & humid climate.

Pruning: Remove old, dead & decaying leaves to maintain plants look

Propagation: Homalomena can be propagated by stem cuttings, air layering, or by offsets.

Companion Plants: Ferns, Dracaena, Aralia, Spathiphyllum, Rhoeo.


Category Foliage Plants
Type of Plants Foliage Pattern Plants
Ideal plants location Plants For Shaded Balconies
Maintenance Medium
Water Schedule Twice a week
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Speciality Upright plant with dark green, waxy, spade-shaped leaves.
Design Use Grown in fancy indoor pots.
Ideal Location Potted in corridors, living room corners.


Product Weight 750 g
Product Height 23 cm
Product Depth 10 cm
Product Width 10 cm


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Great buy and great seller. Review by Anwar
Great buy and great seller. (Posted on 4/19/2018)
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Beautiful leafs and fresh color. (Posted on 8/12/2016)
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Very prompt delivery and the plant I received was very healthy. I like the greenery of the plant and the best part is it came with a small pot. (Posted on 7/20/2016)

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