Home Compost Bin - 10 Ltr.

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Description For Home Compost Bin - 10 Ltr.

The Home Compost Bin is a one stop solution for all the kitchen waste, for example, green waste, food waste, veg, non-veg, dairy products, fruits, bread and so on. The Home Compost Bin (10 litres), for a family of 2, comes with a lid, round odour control mat that keeps the foul smell away, sickle/weeder, sawdust, compost starter and a mesh base. Within 4-6 weeks the bin converts the waste material into an organic compost or soil conditioner that can be used to fertilise the plants. The bin works on the principle of aerobic composting i.e. above ground composting. Note that the aerobic decomposition is faster that the anaerobic decomposition. In the latter, Anaerobic organisms work without oxygen and exude smelly gas as a byproduct.

Five Easy steps

  • Keep the drum in the tub given with the set .Line the bottom of the drum with 2 inches dried leaves/grass twigs .

  • Add your wet kitchen waste

  • Add ½ bag of compost starter to it.(given in the kit).

  • Add dried leaves repeat the layers of Wet waste and Dry waste till your bin is full.

  • Once in a week add compost starter and use a rake to give the pile a quick turn to provide aeration (You will start getting compost tea in the tub beneath in 2-3 week which can be used as a fertilizer for your plants ).

  • Tips to keep in mind

  • Keep the bin in semi shaded airy place.

  • Chop the waste into smaller pieces if possible.

  • Stop adding waste inside the bin after 30 days, though continue the weekly routine of giving it a good turn with a rake.

  • After filling the bin in 30 days , it takes around another 40 days for the compost to get ready.

  • Always keep the waste inside the bin covered with the round sheet provided so you can avoid flies smell and retain the heat and moisture.

  • Add 2-3 dry coconut stalks to the waste as they absorb excesses water and create air pockets.

  • If you are adding too much of citrus waste like lemon, sweet lime, oranges etc add a big spoonful of baking soda to the bin, once a week, or you can dry these before adding to the bin.

  • Don’t add cheese, butter, meat, bones, medicines, plastic, paper, metals, electronic waste, diapers, cat and dog poop.

  • The ready compost can also be used as compost starter by adding one more bag of original compost starter to it and increasing its volume . Thereby making the system totally independent for further uses.

  • Details

    Shape Round
    Size 10 Ltr.
    Material Plastic


    SKU NUHCB001
    Product Weight 1060 g
    Product Height 34 cm
    Product Depth 27 cm
    Product Width 27 cm


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