Top 10 tips for landscape design

Landscape Designing
// December 23, 2016
garden design ideas

Landscape designing is an exciting profession. It is a unique combination of art & horticultural science. Landscaping is a field of implementing new ideas & innovations. To master the skills of landscaping, one needs to start with the basics; and what could be a better theme than designing a home garden for learning the basics! Let’s have a look at these useful tips given by experts to plan & create a landscape garden of a house.

  1. Use a sharp pencil to draw a landscape sketch; make appropriate use of thumb & index finger while drawing with a 60-degree angle between pencil & paper.

garden landscaping

2. Use a T-square instrument to draw a layout of a garden plan; draw 90, 60, 45 & 30-degree angles from the top on paper before you start drawing a plan.

landscape plan

3. When the house is a central feature of a garden, more emphasis should be put on the main entrance.

landscaping ideas

4. The incoming pathways & walkways towards house should be wide enough in the design. Use the perfect planting material to establish the lines of the home garden design. Learn more about front gardens.

Garden pathway

5. Choose the location of garden plants in such a way that the house must look like a framed painting from the front. Read about Influential garden designs.

front yard landscaping ideas

6. Plant the most beautiful ornamental varieties at deck & patio. Fully grown ornamental saplings should be selected for plantation. Learn more about Planning Patio.

patio landscaping

7. Choose the shorter plants for corners of the house. Avoid placing the group of plants & internal pathways that would split the lawn area.

landscaping plants

8. Do the plantation of shade providing trees 8 meters away from the house at the west direction to obstruct the late afternoon sunlight.

backyard landscaping

9. To make the design look natural, plant the bushes and the trees that have round shape & circular canopy. Limit the number of plant species to bring simplicity in your design. 

small garden ideas

10. For easy reading of design, large trees should be shown in a darker color than the small trees. Read to know about Elements of garden design & basic garden patterns.

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Landscaping isn’t something that you plant & forget. In addition to enhancing the beauty & value of your property, your landscaping has a direct impact on the security of your home. – Larry Deck.

Happy gardening!