10 Tips for Raking Leaves

Garden Maintenance
// May 3, 2016
raking leaves, rake, rake meaning

The process of gathering leaves or smoothing the earth with the help of a long handheld implement that projects long teeth is known as Raking. The process of Raking takes a considerable amount of time and effort. We have listed below ten tips that will certainly ease the entire process of Raking.

Rake in the direction of the wind – Figure out in which direction the wind is blowing and then Rake the leaves. This way you could quickly gather the leaves into a pile and then transport it into a compost bin or curb them for clean up.

rake, garden euipment, raking

Mow instead of Raking – When not much leaves have gathered, and the grass needs mowing, what you can do is run a mulching lawn mower over the leaves instead of raking. By doing this, the nutrients of the leaves will return to the soil which will primarily benefit the lawn.

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Use the right rake – Before buying a rake just check whether it complements your body or not. Pick up the one that suits you the best. Because if you go with a dissolute rake, you will end up hurting your posture.

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Mulch all that can form compost Do not throw away the leaves. Mulch as many leaves as you can and prepare a natural, nutrient-rich mulch for your garden.

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Use gloves while raking – Use gloves that fit and avoid your hands from getting blisters.

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Wear a mask – While Raking you will come in contact with ample of dust particles. Hence, wear a mask and save yourself from sneezing and allergies.

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Use a trap – Use a trap for quickly, safely and comfortably transporting piles of leaves into a garbage bag or wheelbarrow.

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Stomp on the piles – Stomping is fun and extremely beneficial if you do not want the leaves to stagger away before you finish the job.

raking leaves

Rake on a slope – Rake downhill to finish the job quickly and efficiently.

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Do not exert yourself – Do not exert yourself for finishing the job. Leaf season lasts long so you have ample of time to finish Raking.