41 Gardening Activities for your Kids This Christmas Vacation

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// September 27, 2017
Kids doing gardening during Diwali vacation

Kids tend to get bored during vacation. They are seldom glued to the mobile phones or TV sets. It is daunting to drag them off the couch and push them outdoors. But, it isn’t impossible. Try involving them in gardening.

Gardening is one of the creative ways of teaching the little one reasoning and discovery, responsibility, understanding, confidence, nutrition, love of nature and eventually the satisfaction of growing their own food.

diwali activities for kids

There is no dearth of activities that you can conduct in your garden or your apartment using containers, patios, vertical gardens, bottle gardens, etc.

Below is the list of projects that will help you pull out your munchkin from the shackles of laziness and boredom this Diwali:

1.Let your kid have his own space to grow things.

2. Teach him about the set of plants that would thrive well in your garden, fascinating history, and their uses.

3. To begin with, you can have a Weed-free Garden Contest. Make sure the kids know what weeds are, and how they can hamper the beautiful green zone. Encourage them to use tools for this gardening activity.

4. Kids love birds and butterflies. Assist them in crafting bird feeders. Buy bird house online.

5. If your kid is too small, help him start the seeds indoors.

A kid sowing seed in pots indoor

6. Go for a nature walk or wild food foraging.

7. Make creative garden stones and plant labels together. Buy pebbles online in India.

8. Teach the little one to maintain a gardening journal.

9. Make together fancy flower or leaf crowns, grass bracelets.

10. Dig and find worms.

diwali activities for preschool - planting a plant

11. Weave bunches of grass to make pots, water pans, bird feeders, etc.

12. Kids hate boring stuff. Thus decorate the garden gloves, tools, hat and tool kit.

13. Teach the children basics of harvesting and ways you can preserve it. Read about 5 tools used for harvesting.

14. Allow them to taste freshly grown fruits and veggies. This will help in developing their taste buds.

15. Help them plant their favorite food.

Little girl harvesting vegetables from the garden

16. Teach them organic ways of maintaining the garden plants.

17. Make use of colorful pebbles in containers or around flower borders.

18. Play in water and run through the sprinklers.

19. Make flower garlands with fallen leaves.

20. Identify and draw garden friendly insects.

21. Relive your childhood – make mud pies and spider web prints.

22. Go for a picnic in your garden.

23. Make french fries, potato heads, vegetable art.

24. Educate your child about the information on seed packets, catalogs, garden accessories.

25. Let the kid own a few containers in the garden, plant and tend it all by himself (do not encourage over watering).

mother teaching her daughter about how to care for plants

26. Teach him about watering time, quantity and tools to be used.

27. Speak to the plant in front of the child, and let him understand the power of positivity.

28. Allow your child to click pictures of plants at different stages.

29. Help him craft a fairy garden or a bottle garden.

30. Use eggshells to make a mini garden.

31. Turn your kid’s old shoes into small garden planters.

32. Teach him how to make a mini greenhouse.

33. Also, talk to him about soilless gardening and let them wonder about the concept.

34. Introduce flower bulbs.

35. Educate him about types of butterflies and the plants they love. Read about how to create a butterfly garden.

little girl busy in gardening work

36. For toddlers use gardening for hand/eye coordination, motor skills, and add a splash of water.

37. Answer their questions with total enthusiasm and consult them – Where should I grow this plant? Does it love sunlight? Or What do the directions on the packaging say next?

38. Play ‘I Spy’ or organize garden races.

39. Support the child to choose a theme and make an entire garden around it. Read about how gardening acts as therapeutic & healing activity.

40. Let him make simple pickles or salads from home picked garden vegetables.

41. Opt for alphabet gardening and also indulge in activities like making a scarecrow, writing poetry, dissecting a plant.

mother teaching gardening to her child in diwali vacations

The list is neverending. But, stay cautious when your kid is conducting any of the gardening activities. Make sure they are safe and do not gulp in anything without notice.

Post the pictures of your kiddo gardening in the comments section below. We would love to see the magic of little green fingers.

Happy gardening to you!



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