A Devotee in Conversation With Tree Ganesha

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// September 5, 2018
Eco friendly ganesha idol

A devotee was too confused while selecting his Ganesha idol for Ganesh Chaturthi. On one side, he heard a lot about eco-friendly Tree Ganesha idols from Ugaoo, and on the other, was fighting his urge to continue with the Plaster of Paris figurines.

Troubled after fighting all his myths, ifs and buts, he thought of talking directly to Ganesha and finding his answers. He sat for meditation, and after chanting for some time, he saw Tree Ganesha. He paid tribute to the Lord and asked Tree Ganesha –

Devotee: Ganesha, I have been celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi since my childhood. I bring your idol at home and after ten days submerge it in water. But, with all the eco-friendly concept emerging, I am a little confused.

Ganesha smiled. He dusted off the mud on his trunk, and after Dattadri placed seeds from Ugaoo in his stomach, Ganesha said:

Tree Ganesha: Look, I love the festival as much as you do. The way my devotees welcome me and bid farewell leaves me speechless. But, have you ever thought what happens once you leave my idols submerged in water with flowers and all the accessories? I lie beheaded for days, polluting the water, killing my beautiful fishes. My statues choke up places, and it takes years for the non-degradable idols to dissolve. By then the damage is done. Read about Are you a responsible Ganesha Devotee?

Making Ganesha idol with soil, seeds and organic fertiliser

Devotee: But Ganesha isn’t it a bad sign, not submerging your idol?

Tree Ganesha: Who said? In which Granth have I mentioned this? The festival was celebrated to commemorate my birthday, unite people of different communities and bring together everyone in the society. Would you like to be submerged in water after a grand celebration?

Ganesha Visarjan in water

Devotee felt choked at the thought. He cleared his throat and continued.

Devotee: The what should we do? Should we bring home idols that grow into plants and trees? In that case, what if I fail to take care of you as the plant?

Tree Ganesha: My dear devotee, you will never fail. My idol is made of soil and filled with seeds from Ugaoo. You need to keep watering it, and soon it will thrive into a plant. I would take the form of a beautiful green tree and stay with you forever.

watering ganesha idol which dissolves into soil and grow in the form of tree

Devotee felt elated at the thought of growing old with Ganesha and said.

Devotee: But Ganesha, I have never practiced gardening.

Tree Ganesha: Tell me something, when you were born you did not know to walk, talk and run. You learned it gradually. At times, you looked at people and tried to follow them, and at times the elderly taught you. From parents at home to teachers at school everybody contributed immensely. Didn’t you learn? Gardening is no different! You could refer to Ugaoo.com, the greenest online portal and learn all the nuances of gardening.

Seedlings - Tree Ganesha after immersion

Devotee: Amazing! One more thing, where can I book my Tree Ganesha?

Tree Ganesha: You can book one from Ugaoo.com or treeganesha.com. If you are in Pune, you could pick your idol from Ugaoo’s office.

Go green with Tree Ganesha and Ugaoo

Devotee: Thank you, God! What else should I do this Chaturthi so that you are happy?

Tree Ganesha: Well, keep the celebrations eco-friendly. Do not harm the environment in any way. I am coming on 13th September to be with you. So, mellow down the loudspeakers, do not use thermocol decorations and keep it simple. It is only with less noise around; I will be able to hear you. Tathastu!

Eco-friendly Ganesh Idol

Devotee opened his eyes and promised to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in a responsible way altogether!



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