Accessories that will glam up your garden

Ornamental Gardening
// May 4, 2016
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Love to spend hours in your garden? Just cannot get over the green nostalgia? Wish to add more glamor to space? Garden Accessories are the best option to spice up your green space. Pick up the ones that are colorful and best complement the size of your Garden. You need not go for highly expensive ones instead some beautiful accessories can be created at home too.

Below is the list of accessories that are both inexpensive and will help your garden look stunning:

Solar Illuminated Planter:

decor, planters, garden artSolar energy can be used optimally to light up the landscape with solar illuminated planters. Powered by the sun, they can be easily assembled, operated and displayed since they do not need any electrical connections. These planters offer a contemporary look to the garden thus adding drama and impact.

Mini Bottle Tree:

garden ornaments, garden decor ideasAdd a mini-sculpture to your garden and let it be the show-stopper. It is perfect for planters as well. Creating a unique garden art it can be placed perfectly in low-growing plants. For an ultra modern look, you can pick up rustic or hand finished tree and accompany it with eye-catching colors.

Morning Glory Lights:

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Like the solar illuminated panel you can also pick up the solar empowered Morning Glory Lights. Eliminating the hassle of getting the electrical connections it place these lights can be easily added to the porch, railing or deck. If added onto a tree, the lovely lights add exquisite beauty.

Rechargeable Lights:

garden decoration, decorative lightsUtilize your pretty wine bottles by adding lights to it. The most convenient and innovative way of doing so is by adding the Rechargeable Lights to the bottles. This is a delightful way as the bottles will not need any external connection and could be placed anywhere in the garden. This is indeed an extraordinary way of illuminating both the indoors and the outdoors.

Willow Fencing:

garden decor ideas, garden art, garden ornamentsMake the garden backdrop as beautiful as the garden by adding attractive willow fencing to it. This chain-like fence is easy to add and makes for a quick, eye-catching garden accessory.

Jar Lanterns:decorative lights, decorative accessories

Not only the bottles but empty and unique shaped jars can also be put to use. These can beautifully accentuate the porch and create nostalgia of the carefree childhood days. For mesmerizing effects, you can add self-glowing objects or solar powered lights and accessories to it.

Prosperity String:

garden decoration, garden art, stringsBring good luck and prosperity to your garden by adding these strings. Crafted with beads, paper birds, flowers and sequins these lend a colorful look to your garden.

What are you thinking? Simply get one or make it at home and let your garden look charismatic.