The Best Oxygen Producing House Plants

Ornamental Gardening
// November 27, 2016
air purifier plants

The benefits of having an indoor or outdoor home garden cannot be overstated. They are the source of fresh, healthy food and ingredients, a place to get some peace of mind, a way to reconnect with nature, a hobby that can fill up the dull hours and most importantly, they are the instigators of healthy living.

oxygen giving plants

Plants absorb the carbon-dioxide around them during photosynthesis and release fresh oxygen. This process purifies the air and makes our home environment a much better and more positive space to live in. However, some plants are better at this process than others. So, if you’re looking to start a large outdoor garden or a mini green patch in your bedroom, then here are the plants that you should be looking at.

indoor plants for oxygen

Sansevieria also called the snake plant because of the look and shape of its leaves, is a popular ornamental plant. You would mostly find them in bedrooms because they tend to release a right amount of oxygen during their metabolic processes.

snake plant

They might not be your favorite part of a meal, but sprouts make a useful part of your indoor or outdoor garden spaces. An abundance of this plant will produce a healthy dose of revitalizing oxygen that will help you breathe easy and keep you fit.

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Areca Palm not only keeps the air healthy, but it is also great to look at and can easily be part of your ornamental plant collection at home. It cleans up large amounts of CO2 and stops the dispersal of unhealthy air particles like xylene and toluene.

Areca Palm

Ferns might seem a bit uninteresting at first but don’t knock ‘em till you try ‘em. Why? Well, not only do they add a luscious shiny green to your garden but they also clean up harmful particles in the air that come from substances like nail polishes and paints.

Fern plant

Pothos is a plant that you’ve probably seen around the office. Its signature golden heart-shaped leaves are difficult to miss. Take a cue from your workplace and bring the Pothos home because they will clean up the air inside of carbon-dioxide and formaldehyde.


Finally, there are orchids. They develop beautiful flowers during the blooming season that can fill the house with lovely fragrances. Not only that but they are very easy to grow and require minimal care. They have two distinct health-related benefits. Firstly, they get rid of xylene, which is an airborne pollutant and secondly they tend to produce oxygen at night which makes them the perfect bedroom plants.

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orchid plant

Having plants that replenish the oxygen at home is the secret of feeling truly relaxed and revitalized. The truth is that we all spend most of our time at home and so, that environment should be the most nourishing mentally and physically. A home garden goes a long way in getting you there, so that when you wake up in the morning ready for a new day, you feel like you’ve given your body every chance to be at its best.