Bottle Garden: Myth or Truth?

Ornamental Gardening
// April 22, 2016
plant in bottle, glass bottle, bottle gardening

After the alluring Fairy Garden, here we are with tips and tricks to make a Bottle Garden. A garden in a bottle! Really? Well yes, it is true. A bottle can be easily recycled to function as a creative and small greenhouse. A bottle garden can be defined as a container like a terrarium in which plants are grown. It consists of a plastic or glass bottle that has a narrow neck and a tiny opening.

Let’s get started and turn your empty table into a lovely little bottle garden.

round glass bottle, bottle gardening

Select a spectacular glass bottle: The first step to commence your gardening is by choosing a glass bottle/terrarium bottle. Make sure that your bottle is beautifully shaped. Consider taking a big diameter bottle or onion-shaped bottle that offers good space for your garden to grow. A recycled bottle is a good option to create a miniature garden.

pebbles, soil, plants in bottle

Pebbles and sand to feed plants: Your plants need nutrients and elements to grow. Hence, add some quality sand into your bottle that will help plants to survive. Along with sand, you can add pebbles for better drainage as well as beauty. Keep the sand moist and ensure that you incorporate better drainage. Holes at the base of the bottle are important or your garden will attract fungus that will rot the entire creation. Prefer adding an activated charcoal on top of the drainage layer for reducing the smell emerged from decayed contents inside the bottle. A thin layer of Sphagnum moss can be used to prevent soil from settling down at the drainage layer.

plant in bottle, bottle garden ideas

Use soil to cover pebbles and sand: Use good quality soil to cover the pebbles and sand from the top. You can cover every area to hide sand that is disturbing the view. Put cotton at the tip of a pencil and wipe off the extra soil on the surface of the bottle.

glass bottle, container gardening

It’s time for gardening: Choose slow growing plants with a slender stem, tolerance for lower indoor light, humidity and appealing leaf colour, shape, etc. Sage, Oregano, Basil, and Ferns work best in this case. Use a fork or chopsticks to sow the seeds. Space the seeds properly so that the area inside the bottle does not get crowded. 

Once done keep the bottle by the window. Avoid direct sunlight.

bottle garden plants, plants in bottles, hanging bottle garden

Now wait for your garden to flourish. Water regularly. See to it that the drainage is proper. Keep the lid open to let air pass inside without which the plants will decay and perish.

plants in bottles, bottle gardening

It is a self-contained world indeed.

Happy Gardening!