Create Beautiful Tabletops and Windows with African Violets

Ornamental Gardening
// February 5, 2017
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The African Violet is famous for the myriad of colours that it flowers in, from violet to blue, to white and even pink. It is a hardy plant that can easily thrive indoors. This fact makes it a perfect decoration for your kitchen table, windowsill work table or bedside drawer. This is the reason that it is known as the Queen of the indoor plants.

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The African Violet doesn’t require heavy tending to or watering; it needs just the right amount. It assimilates fertilisers fairly quickly, and it is also pretty resistant to bugs after the initial two months of planting. All in all, it is an easy plant to cultivate.

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So, once you decide to on which African Violet you’re bringing home, the next step is to find the best spot. This is when you can get creative with your table or windowsill decorations.

Here are some ideas that will get you started:

  • Having a miniature garden at the centre of your dining table or a large coffee table is a good way to bring some greenery into the room. This is especially useful if the dining table in your house isn’t used regularly.

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  • Windowsills are one of the most popular locations for this plant because it helps the Violet bloom with bigger flowers. Place your plant in colourful ceramic pots or even hang them near the windows to add some elevation to your indoor décor.

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  • Kitchen tables can be difficult to spruce up because there are always things being moved around. So, cabinet tops are a good place to set up your small African Violet garden. Use slightly shallow pots to get the most out of your space.

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  • You can also use your old or antique bowls as pots for the plant to give your kitchen a more chic look. But pay careful attention to the colour of the flowers on the seed packet and pick a bowl that would be complementary to that.

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  • Work tables are usually the opposite of kitchen tables and stay neatly arranged. But they do need some relief and freshness, and flowers are a good idea in this case. The fragrance of the African Violet will help in creating a more peaceful working environment without creating too much of a distraction. You may like to read about top 10 fragrant flowers in India.

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  • In all these cases, the advantage of this plant is that its blooming can be controlled with the amount of light and fertilizer it is exposed to. It is an indoor friendly plant that will certainly be worth the effort you put in! Check out decorative ideas for indoor gardens.

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