DIY: Beautiful Terrariums

Ornamental Gardening
// September 12, 2016
creative terrariums

The wonderful thing about a home garden project or any home project is that you have a lot of room to try out all the exciting ideas. It gives you the opportunity to let your creativity flow and bring out the most imaginative DIY projects that you have always wanted to execute.

terrarium containers

Terrariums are a beautiful way to brighten up the interiors of your home with a bit of greenery and color. They also add fragrance to your space, giving your home the freshness you want. But if you’re feeling the loss of ideas then worry not! We have DIY some ideas that will not only get that creativity flowing but will also inspire you to create outstanding projects that you will love.

  • You could start with a simple terrarium, based in a transparent glass jar. Use bright and bold plants that will add some color and sophistication to this simple idea.

closed jar terrarium

  • Feeling adventurous? Jazz up your workspace with a tabletop succulent or even a mini water garden. It will be a proper miniature environment, right in front of your eyes.

terrarium miniature

  • Have a bevy of antique tea cups and tea pots lying about? A terrarium is a beautiful way to incorporate them into your décor while adding some greenery to your home.

teapot terarrium

  • A Mason Jar Terrarium will give you a wonderfully layered garden, with each layer standing out in a transparent jar, green micro herbs on the top.

mason jar terrarium

  • A Hanging terrarium, perhaps one covered with tiny fairy lights, would be a standout showpiece in any home. It would require more maintenance than the other ideas, but the reward would be worth it.

hanging terrariums

  • Taking inspiration from the bottle on a ship, you can build your terrarium in a bottle. Fill it up with your favorite herbs and prop it in a conspicuous place, because you don’t see something like this every day!

bottle terrarium

  • The terrarium in a light bulb is an often seen yet slightly tricky idea that needs a careful hand to add soil and moss to the bulb.

Bulb terrarium

  • Finally, the Globe Terrarium is another favorite that can be used as either a tabletop or even a bedside decoration.

Globe terrarium

Some tips on maintaining Terrariums:

beautiful terrarium

The most important thing when it comes to terrariums is knowing where to place them because sunlight will always be a factor. Also important is maintaining the right moisture level because your containers need an outlet for drainage, so do bear that in mind.

hanging terrarium

Finally, picking the right plants, like micro herbs and succulents is the best way to make your task even easier as they don’t require too much attention or care. They just need you to do the basic things correctly, have a good and fertile soil base and your home DIY terrarium will always thrive.

terrarium plants

We hope these ideas inspire you to create something amazing for your home. The best thing about a DIY project is the personal touch because it is all in your hands.

Happy Gardening!