Deck Pots for Kitchen Herb Garden

Kitchen Gardening
// October 24, 2016
basil plants growing in pots

There’s just something simple and elegant about being able to grab a herb of your choice, whether that’s thyme, basil, oregano, chives, etc. right in your kitchen. No more visiting the store even though need only a few leaves to garnish and having to watch the rest just waste away. Yes, there’s something really amazing about having your own kitchen herb garden.

Rosemary in pot

It fills you and your home with the most sumptuous aromas while ensuring that you are never short of some fresh seasonings. But what’s the most convenient way of doing that? Having them in deck pots of course! They end up adding to the décor while being pretty useful as well! So, here’s a blog to give you some creative ideas on how you could get a kitchen deck herb garden of your own.

herb garden

Some handy tips before you start:

Herbs love the sun, simple as that! That’s exactly why windowsills, open kitchen decks or fire escapes often prove to be the best areas to grow herbs. They grow to be incredibly vibrant, beautiful and lush if you give them enough sun.

Herbs on windowsill

However, they don’t need too much fertilizer input from you. If you want your herbs to be fragrant and flavourful, make sure the soil is slightly on the lean side. Also, water correctly, as per the requirement of the plant because some do prefer slightly drier conditions. Finally, ensure that your pots or containers have enough drainage.

Watering herbs

Kitchen Deck Herb Pots – Creative Ideas!

Tea cups are definitely in vogue right now, especially when it comes to indoor gardens. Growing compact herb varieties in Elizabethan cups spotted or striped cups or even larger teapots has gained popularity. It is an elegant way of decorating the kitchen, as there aren’t any ungainly clay pots you have to worry about. Also, you finally get to use utensils that were just lying about in your cupboard!

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teacup herb garden

Glass containers are another popular means of growing herbs in the kitchen. You can either leave the glass transparent, or you could get your creative side out and paint a lovely picture!

herbs in ceramic pot


Herb baskets are perfect for bringing a rustic look to your kitchen, taking you back to a time when everyone needed to handpick and fill their basket with their favorite herbs to prepare a special home-cooked meal. Designs can be worked into the weaving of these baskets for an additional aesthetic element.

Herb basket

herbs in metallic pot

Stacked miniature herb gardens are like a living cabinet of ingredients where you can house your special, tasty secrets. You can go the conventional route and stack some pots together or even be a little different and get a living wall adjacent to your kitchen deck!

miniature garden

Finally, you could go really creative and build a little herb deck into your kitchen deck itself. Start with quite a compact herb like ‘Spicy Bush’ and see how the idea goes for you. If done carefully and correctly, you’d actually thin the line between the kitchen and the garden to a new level!

Basil in pot

So, scope out your kitchen and see which of these ideas would be possible. Made it look good while also being useful to you!

We could not get over with the beauty and scope of deck pots. Hence we have brought more ideas for you:

Metallic Pots:

herbs in metallic pots.

Copper Pots:


Oregano in copper potPots with Paper decor:

Thyme in pots

Happy Gardening !