Decorate your home with foliage plants

Design & Maintenance
// April 2, 2022

A room without plants can have all the riches but will always have something missing. Plants are the best way to add life to a room, both figuratively and literally. Whether it is a lone corner, the sitting room centrepiece, your favourite coffee corner, or your worktable, there is a plant for every spot.

If you have a sunny room, most plants can be a part of your home; however, with the changes in light that you get indoors, the list of plants that you can keep also changes. To get a full list of plants suited for different rooms and spots and light requirements, please check out the categories and light and water details on Ugaoo.

Lets take a look at the ways in which you can add plants to you home

  1. Add plants at different heights to create interest

Adding plants at different heights brings variety to your home and creates depth and visual interest. Keep tall plants like the fiddle leaf figs or a Ficus benjamina on the floor, bushy plants in pedestal planters, while smaller and trailing plants can be kept on shelves. Remember to not overcrowd your space, it is always to have one focal plant rather than many non-remarkable ones, unless you are going for the urban jungle look.

  1. Have fun with your pots

Understand your room décor or the look you are going for. While monochrome planters are great for minimal modern Indian homes and make the plant the superstar. Fun colourful planters in a variety of shapes are very well suited to the Indian home aesthetic. Select different sized planters for different spots and plant shapes. Metal planters in gold and silver add glam to homes.

  1. Plants on shelves

Why should floors have all the fun? Create your perfect shelfie with trailing plants and succulents on striking planters on your shelves. Plants like cactus in interesting shapes are almost architectural in the vibe they add. Juxtapose their starkness with a lush trailing part hanging down from the top shelves, or pair them with other succulents for a modern clutter free look.

  1. Create green corners

If you can’t place plants across your home due to space or light constraints, consider creating a tropical escape in one corner of a room. Make sure the corner is well lit, add plants of different heights and shapes to create layers and depth. Use hanging planters, wall shelves, and macramé planters to place smaller or trailing plants at a height. Add a boho rug, a cane sofa or stuffed chair to this corner with either fairy lights strung through the plants or a floor lamp in the background and you have your own private oasis.

  1. Create focal point in rooms

If you are someone who has a big home with a large open space for the eyes to wander or if you have little space to create an urban jungle, you can place just one statement plant per room and turn it into the focal piece. Use extra-large plants or plants in tall pedestal planters and further highlight it using lights, plant stakes in interesting shapes, or eye-catching planters.

  1. Combine art and plants

Place your plants around wall arts. Whether it is a mirror, woodwork, or a painting, combining wall art and plants always works out for the better, since there is not one but two visual elements in the same frame.

  1. Create terrariums

If you love the jungle but cant create one in your home due to many reasons, terrariums are what you are looking for. You can either create your own terrarium or buy one from a plant store. They need minimal care and are instant conversation starters.



There are a million ways to decorate with plants and all of them are correct. Do what feels right, suits the light in your home, and elevates your personal style. Choose plants whose care suit your level of gardening expertise. The secret is to not be afraid and jump in with both feet, we promise you will land with a sure footing.


Happy gardening!

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