Start these 14 Annuals from seeds

Ornamental Gardening
// September 26, 2016
annual flowers

Starting something from scratch can be daunting, you never know how much effort you have to put in and when your efforts will bear fruit. When it comes to home gardens, nowadays, most people prefer transplanting already cultivated plants as this saves some time and effort and also ensures that you already have some beautiful flowers and vegetables in your garden. But you do end up missing out on that beautiful moment when your hard work bears fruit, and you can call that garden your very own.

annual plants

So, to encourage you to plant from the start, we have a list of 14 annuals that you can start from seed, and it won’t be too daunting of a task either!

Pink and White Petunias

1) Marigold: Growing very easily and quickly this flower can light up any corner of your garden, with minimal effort and maintenance from your end.

marigold flower

2) Sweet Peas: Only slightly complicated during the sowing process, growing sweet peas will be a walk in the park once you are past that! And their fragrance is truly something as are the many colors.

sweet pea

3) Sunflowers: Bring a little yellow to your garden by growing this fabulous flower, which barely requires inputs from you. Just give it support and watch it grow tall!

sunflower seeds

4) Pansy: Colors, colors everywhere when you decide to grow pansies. These flowers will cheer you up as soon as they bloom!

Pansy Flowers

5) Fuchsia: For those looking to start a hanging garden section as well, the Fuchsia is your perfect companion. It grows well in hanging baskets and in a variety of shapes.

Fuchsia flower

6) Rudbeckia: Grow this unique flower as a border plant and you’ve got yourself a garden lined with beautiful daisy-like plants. It’s also known as the Black-eyed Susan.

black eyed susan

7) Verbena: A flower that is sure to attract excellent pollinators like butterflies, the verbena exudes a very delicious and fragrant scent. It also comes in many colors.


8) Veronica (Veronica spicata): Give some height to your garden by growing magnificent spires of the star shaped and violet colored Veronica spicata.

the veronicas

9) Yarrow: Growing in clusters of flat-top shaped pink flowers the yarrow is a fragrant flower that will multiply your efforts by spreading lovely colors everywhere pretty fast.


10) Maiden Pinks (Dianthus deltoides): A low growing flower, it is the perfect choice for those looking to create their very own rock gardens in the backyard.


11) Blanket Flower: A popular addition to most fragrant bouquets, the Blanket Flower produces bright green foliage and large daisy-like flowers that come in either yellow, orange or red.


12) Sweet William Mixture (Dianthus): Producing carnation-like flowers that are either white, pink or red and grow close to the ground, this flower provides the ideal blossoms for cutting.

dianthus flower

13) Alyssum: Popularly known as Sweet Alison, because of its incredibly fragrant and elegant snow-white blossoms. It is also available in yellow, blue, pink and purple.


14) Chrysanthemum: One of the most well-known and most beloved flowers found in any garden, the Chrysanthemum, with its many colored puff-like flowers is a favorite.


Take your pick; you’re sure to love any and all of these annuals!