Do you eat enough healthy vegetables?

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// September 30, 2016
healthy vegetables

According to dieticians and health experts, each adult must consume 300 gm of vegetables per day.  125 gm leafy vegetables, 100 gm roots/tubers & 75 gm of fruiting vegetables. Vegetables are the only affordable & natural source of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. These ‘protective foods’ ensure human health & overall physical well-being. Vegetables are an excellent source of dietary fiber and provide carbohydrates, proteins & other nutrients to the body.

Vegetables that are the source of Carbohydrates: Vegetables provide stable carbs, the primary source of energy & calories. Potato, sweet potato, Tapioca roots, Dry lablab beans, yams, raw banana.

vegetable nutrition

Vegetables that provide oils or fats: These are essential for proper body functioning if consumed in moderation.

Vegetables that provide oils or fats

Seeds of legumes (Pods) particularly, soybean & peanuts. Seeds of many vegetables like brinjal, tomato, chilli, coriander, cucumber, onion, etc.

Seeds of vegetables

Vegetables rich in proteins & amino acids: Each must get 80 gm of proteins per day in a balanced diet. All Beans, pulses & green peas are an excellent source of proteins. Leafy vegetables & broccoli are also a source of essential amino acids.

proteins & amino acids

Vitamin A rich vegetables: Vitamin A is required for proper growth & functioning of body, eyes & skin. In Indian population, there is a general deficiency of vitamin A.

Carrot (yellowish orange), Sweet potato, red pumpkin, bell pepper, tomato, fenugreek & fresh green peas.

Vitamin A

Vitamin C rich vegetables: Vitamin C vanishes when the vegetables are overcooked. It’s important for teeth, gums & blood circulation. Lemon, cabbage, bell pepper, green chilies, tomato, melons, spinach, coriander, fresh beans, pulse sprouts, newly harvested potato.

Vitamin C

Vegetables loaded with minerals: There are at least ten different essential mineral nutrients like needed for growth of the body. A lot of minerals is required for children & pregnant women. All leafy vegetables, Amaranths, cauliflower, & most underground vegetables: Radish, Beetroot, Carrot, turnips.


For a regular supply of essential nutrients, we must start our vegetable/kitchen garden at home and grow these vegetables that will keep us healthy.

Check out the seeds of kitchen garden vegetables.



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