Growing Ferns: The most versatile garden plants

Ornamental Gardening
// July 22, 2016
Green Fern Plant

Ferns are extremely handsome because of their elegant leaves and lovely range of colors. They are widely useful for different purposes in a garden. These evergreen, non-flowering shrubs are most popular houseplants in the world.

These decorative, ornamental plants look best when planted in the following ways:

1. Indoor pots: Ferns grow well in different sized pots, pans & containers. Pots can be earthen, terracotta, plastic or ornamental ceramic ones.

Indoor pots

2. Hanging baskets: Ferns are perfect basket plants for indoors & outdoors. Naturally hanging Staghorn ferns are also unique.

Fern Plant in Hanging basket

3. Window boxes: Ferns are used as filler plants in beautiful window boxes.

Fern plant

4. Terrariums: Small ferns look beautiful in terrariums, bottle gardens.

Fern garden

5. Dish garden: Shallow rooted ferns can be quickly grown in flat containers to make Miniature gardens, tray landscapes.

Dish Garden with ferns.

6. Flower arrangements: Fern leaves are popularly used in preparing various flower arrangements like wedding bouquets, button holes, vase & table decoration.

grenn fern

7. Ground cover: In outdoor landscaping, ferns are used as groundcover plants under tree shades.

fern garden

8. Rock garden: Ferns make excellent filler plants in garden rockeries.

fern garden

9. Green-walls: Ferns are very much suitable plants for indoor green walls, bio-walls & vertical wall gardens.

Greenwall with fern plant

10. Fern garden: Entire landscape garden can be developed by fern theme. Such garden is moist, evergreen & gives the ambiance of a rainforest floor.

green fern

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