Plants that can heal your Diwali Burns

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// November 2, 2016
Healing Plants

Diwali is the festival of lights and colors that brings happiness and prosperity to many. People come out of their homes and burst crackers as a symbol of joy. Unfortunately, lack of precautions lead to mishappenings causing accidents, burns, and bruises.

The minor burns can be cured by home remedies and heal on their own. Curing burns is simple. However, if the burn is severe, then do visit the hospital.

healing plants

Firstly, lowering the temperature on the burnt area is necessary and prevent blisters. You can then take help of the following 5 amazing plants to pacify the burning sensation and cure the wound.

1.Aloe Vera – Aloe Gel helps to relieve the pain and the burning sensation. It has been used as an solution for burns, frostbites and even burns caused due to radiation therapy. Aloe gel is also scientifically proven to have antibacterial and antifungal properties. The leaf of this plant is an essential element in many first aid kits.

aloe vera gel

2. Coconut Oil- Also known as the Kalpavriksha, all the parts of the coconut tree can be used for various purposes. Coconut Oil has antibacterial properties and it holds the moisture of the skin and helps in healing burns and wounds.

coconut oil for skin

3. CalendulaOften referred to as pot Marigold, the plant has been used over history to cure skin inflammations and burns. It also acts immediately to cure skin blisters and scar tissues. But use it with caution as it may cause allergic reactions.

Here’s how you can heal your burns with your self grown Calendula’s!

calendula flower

4. Lavender- The Lavender Oil is the only oil that can be applied directly to the burnt area without any dilution. It prevents inflammation, scar tissue formation and facilitates the healing process. It is considered as the safest option to be used with the kids. Also, the aroma of Lavender has soothing effects that has the potential to calm the nerves post  injury.

lavender oil

5. Carica papaya- The enzymes of the Papaya fruit help release dead cells from the wounds thus facilitating quick recovery of the injuries and burns. Papaya also has anti-aging, anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory properties.

carica papaya

Stay safe this Diwali!



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