Flowers that attract Hummingbirds

Landscape Designing
// February 27, 2017
flowers that attract hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are some of the prettiest birds that can grace your garden. They are also known as “jewel birds” and can make your garden come alight with life and movement. It is known that their wings beat incredibly fast, about 80 beats per second to be exact! At that speed, their wings are nothing but a sparkling blur.


But what is not known is that hummingbirds expend lots of energy while they are flapping their wings. They need approximately 12,000 calories per day just to keep up with their energy consumption. So that means they are always flying about in search of their favourite flowers and delicious nectar. And that’s exactly where your garden comes in! Read about how to attract birds in your garden

hummingbird flowers

With the right plants, you can not only have beautiful hummingbirds in your garden but also help them and the environment out. So, which are the best plants for attracting hummingbirds? Here’s a list to help you out!

1) Sunflower: No surprise that this bright yellow, large-petaled flower makes it to this list. It is big and inviting and  a clear signal to hummingbirds that your garden is a welcoming place.

hummingbird on sunflower

2) Cardinal flower: This crimson flower will add some elevation to your garden as it reaches heights of up to four feet. They bloom in midsummer and produce some yummy nectar.

hummingbird on cardinal flower

3) Petunia: Plants that produce brightly coloured tubular flowers quickly catch the attention of the hummingbirds. The Petunia falls into this category and promises the bird a filling and delicious meal.

hummingbird on petunia flower

4) Tubular Hibiscus: This plant combines the best of both worlds when it comes to what hummingbirds love. They are not only bright red (the colour most attractive to a hummingbird) but, they are also tubular in shape. This is sure to get a hummingbird party started in your garden.

hummingbird on hibiscus flower

5) Queen’s wreath: More commonly known in Hindi as “Nilmani lata,” this is a beautiful lavender plant that flourishes in the sunshine. It grows to an enormous and conspicuous bunches and is sure to satisfy the appetite of a hummingbird.

Queens Wreath flower

6) Foxglove: You can get this plant in either white, pink, purple or yellow; though all will prove equally attractive to the bird. It is another plant that produces tubular flowers and makes the hummingbird’s job easier.

foxglove flowers

7) Salvia: Another flower where you have a choice of colour! Pick between vibrant shades of violet, red, blue or pink. The plant grows vertically and adds a different dimension to your garden. Hummingbirds have a special love for this plant.

Hummingbird on Blue & Black Salvia

These are some of our suggestions to get hummingbirds into your garden and fill it with life. There’s nothing quite like having a garden that is populated with beautiful creatures who are sharing the fruits of your labour and making the environment around your home a better place to live in. Now that’s something to work towards!