Are you a person with a green thumb?

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// August 22, 2016
Green Thumb Gardening

When you go to your friend’s thriving home garden and see beautifully ripe apples, tomatoes and cherries and blooming lavenders and lilies, you get that itch of wanting to try it out for yourself. But then you just say to yourself, “She/He has a green thumb, there’s no way I could ever get a garden that green!” or “My granny’s the most gifted gardener I know, she is more talented than me!” And with that, the thought of trying something new evaporates and you dissuade yourself once again. But it’ll keep coming back to you.

green thumb gardening

Want to know why?

Because there’s a semblance of truth to your thoughts. Some individuals are incredibly gifted when it comes to growing and maintaining flora. These are people with a green thumb, you might say! They are natural gardeners who can understand what makes the plants in their garden tick and how to create the best environment for them! It’s always amazing to watch them work or hear them talk because you can see the passion in their eyes.

Now you’re thinking, “How can I compete with such talented people? Why should I even give gardening a try? I don’t have a green thumb!”

green thumb gardener

And with that, you quash out a chance of discovering that you do have a hidden talent. Today’s hectic life keeps us all busy, and we run through our schedules, trying to make it on time and never realizing that the beautiful things in life were just passing us by. But you’re meant to be so much more! We believe that you do have a green thumb, and you can have the most fantastic garden among your peers if you only give it some time and some love.

green thumb plants

It’s that famous saying, “You’ll never know until you try!” and because you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, why not put your potential green thumb to use? Gardening is a highly effective stress-buster that will take your mind off work and deadlines and help bring some positivity back in your life. It’ll give you that sense of purpose that can turn a dull day around in an instant. You’ll be able to create your green corner in the heart of the modern concrete jungle and add some diversity to your environment. Not to mention all the delicious fresh produce that you’ll now have at your disposal!

green thumb gardening

Just remember to start small and set yourself up for success first. You’ll learn the growth cycle of plants, understand how much water they need and come to grips with fitting it into your schedule. Soon, though, your day will feel incomplete without a visit to your home garden or an internet search to discover your new favorite genus of the flower. Your so called brown thumb will become an experienced and passionate green thumb in almost no time. This is where the hesitation ends and inspiration begins!

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So let’s get planting!



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