When and how to grow Beets in your kitchen garden

Kitchen Gardening
// May 2, 2016
Beetroot, kitchen garden, red beetroot, chard

BeetBeets are fast growing vegetables and make an excellent addition to the kitchen garden. To grow beets in a container choose a pot that is about 6 inches deep. Then select the variety you would wish to grow and get set to plant the power-packed veggie.

beets, beetroot seeds, red beetroot, chard, Beta vulgarisFirstly, fill the container with potting soil that is rich in compost and organic matter. Beets tolerate low fertility but prefer well-drained soil with the pH value that ranges between 6.5 and 7.  They grow best in a location that receives full sun.

Plant the seeds about a ¾ inch deep and about a foot apart. Propagate by seeds only when the temperature is between 10-29 degree Celsius. The germination will occur when the temperature is as low as 4-degree Celsius to as high as 32-degree celsius. Seedlings will emerge in 5 to 8 days. Thin the seedlings when they are about 4 to 5 inches tall.

beet seedlings, beet plant, organic

Provide beets with water, aeration and good drainage. Keep in mind that good and healthy soil is the key as beets might be prone to Boron deficiency and too much Nitrogen. It is only the right soil condition that will help in preventing the use of additional fertilizers. Also, do not over water these biennial plants as they are susceptible to root rot, leaf spotting, and scab. Water only at the base of the plants and refrain from overcrowding to allow air circulation.

beetroot leaves, beet vulgaris

Do not forget to cover the beet plants with a fine net or a cheesecloth in order to protect them from adult flies and leaf miners. In case you find infested leaves handpick and destroy them to keep rest of the plant healthy.

Varieties of Beets:

  • Five Color – A blend of 5 colored plants, each one is grown separately before the seeds are combined. Looks attractive!
  • Fordhook Giant – Grows vigorously and comes with an authentic flavor.
  • Perpetual – Tastes like Spinach and regrows the leaves very quickly.