Growing Cabbages – A green delight for your garden

Kitchen Gardening
// May 20, 2016
Cabbage, cabbage vegetable

Cabbages are also known as Classic Brassica, that feature excellent round heads and weigh 1-6 kilograms. Once the head is harvested, secondary heads are unlikely so that you can pull the plants out.  This vegetable can be eaten raw as well cooked to make a mouth-watering dish.

 cabbage plant, cabbage seeds

Growing Cabbages:

  • Plant the seedlings about 40-60 cm apart, depending on the variety. The space between the seedlings should be large keeping in mind that the cabbage heads or heart to grow. The heads of the small varieties start to mature merely after eight weeks while the larger ones take about 14 to 22 weeks to develop.
  • For a continuous supply, seedlings should be planted every four weeks.

  cabbage vegetable, green cabbage


Harvest when the heads are firm and fleshy. Cut the heads off only with a sharp knife. cabbage vegetable, green cabbage


  • Sugarloaf is a small and miniature variety that can be planted in a limited space.
  • Red Drumhead or cabbages with deeply crinkled leaves can be chosen as an ornamental variety.

cabbage seeds, green cabbage

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