How to Grow Climbers and Creepers in your garden

Ornamental Gardening
// December 25, 2016
Bougainvillea - Climber plant

Variety is the spice of life… but it is also what adds life to your garden! If you have different types of plants and flowers growing there together, then the garden looks just that much more beautiful. Sometimes, we think that adding different types of plants will make the garden harder to manage. It can quite easily fit into your current schedule if you choose the right plants to grow.

climbing plants for fences

So, if you haven’t considered growing creepers and climbers yet, then you can do so now. They will help the ecosystem of your garden to grow and diversify. They aren’t the plants that just grow uncontrollably and end up in awkward places, contrary to popular belief. They have a sense of charm that is unique and missing out on that is something you don’t want to do.

wall creepers

So, here are some tips on how you can grow your collection of creepers and climbers.

To start off, remember that climbers and creepers grow vertically, and so they don’t require an enormous amount of space to flourish. In fact, they are perfect for growing on surfaces that you feel should be covered up like walls or fences in a home garden. Also, do provide ample support when you’re growing these plants if you want them to reach their proper potential. You can make your wire mesh support (it’s not that hard at all) so that your new plants have the best possible start. Read about Top 10 climbing flowering plants for your garden.

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The second thing you need to know is that these plants will need your care and attention to truly blossom. So, before you get planting, read the instructions on the package carefully, check the pH of your soil and also take a close look at the amount of sunlight that particular patch of your garden gets. You also may like to know about how to grow climbers on Moss sticks.

climber vegetable plants in india

Lots and lots of water, that’s what you need at the start. As you begin to see the stem, water regularly and add mulch to ensure that the soil doesn’t dry out. Keep the weeds away to make sure that the foliage growth is healthy and can last through the season. Read to know about how light affects the growth of plants.

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If you’re growing climbers and creepers in your indoor garden, then prune whenever you can to keep the plant’s length where you want it to be. You can prune above the node (where the leaf was) to achieve the desired effect. Hanging pots are perfect when you’re growing these plants indoors, and they add a beautiful aesthetic to a room. Just set up a good watering system in that case. Also know about Vertical gardens for more details.

english ivy plant

Now, if you’re itching to get planting, then here are some suggestions for you: Ivy, Hydrangea, Rosa, Bougainvillea, Passion Flower, Black-eyed Susan Vine, Wisteria and Philodendron to name a few.

creeper plants

climbing flowering plants

These creepers and climbers will get you started and help you to transform your home garden by adding some greenery to the barren nooks and corners. Once climbers and creepers are a part of your garden, you’ll never want to go back!

wisteria flower