Growing French Marigold

Ornamental Gardening
// May 25, 2016
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Annual Flower

Biological Name: Tagetes patula

Family:  Asteraceae

French Marigold Flower Description :

A garden staple since decades, this aromatic variety of Marigold is short and not as upright as the African species. They appear in the bright and attractive orange, red and yellow colors. What makes French Marigolds a must have in every garden is the fact that they are incredibly easy to grow and need minimal care. These are specially used as cut flowers, in edible landscaping, and for direct-seeding.

zendu flower, marigold plant

Growing Information of French Marigold Flower:       

French Marigold

Tools needed to French Marigold:

  • Gardening gloves
  • Packet of French Marigold seeds
  • Trowel
  • Rake
  • Label and pencil

How to plant French Marigold:

  • Scatter seeds outdoors after frost or indoors about 4-6 weeks before the last frost.
  • It takes about one to two weeks to germinate.
  • The germination temperature is 70 F to 75 F.

french marigold , marigold flower information

How to take care of French Marigold Plant:

  • Deadhead the flowers for prolong flowering and Pinch to keep bushy.
  • Water them adequately during summers.

zendu flower, how to grow marigold

Pest and Diseases:

French Marigolds are rarely troubled by diseases, but the pests that attack the plant are Slugs, Snails, Japanese Beetles and Red spider mites.

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Popular Varieties of French Marigold Flower:

  • Little Hero Series: These plants grow 7” tall with large, double carnation flowers in combinations of seven colors maroon, orange and yellow.
  • Bonanza Series: This series produces 2” wide, double carnation flowers in combinations of 5 different shades of yellow, orange, and maroon.
  • Aurora Series: These 1’ tall plants have wide petals, flowers like anemone in shades of maroon, yellow, orange.
  • Janie Series: These early blooming, 8” tall plants are perfect for container growing. They are available in 6 different shades of yellow, orange, and maroon.
  • Queen Series: This variety features 10” to 1’ tall plants. The camellia-like flowers are available in shades of yellow, orange, and maroon.

zendu flower, marigold flower information

Happy Gardening!