How to Grow Peas in your garden

Kitchen Gardening
// September 16, 2016
Green Peas

One of the earliest vegetables to be discovered, Peas were the staple food for Greeks and Romans. They continue to be common to most households because of their flexibility while being cooked. They are also very common to home gardens because they are quite easy to grow and require little attention after being planted.

green peas

Have you always wanted to grow a healthy crop of peas but didn’t know where or how to start? Feel like you need that little extra motivation? Then read on because this blog will tell you everything you need to know about growing peas in your garden!

pea soup

Know your Peas

There probably are more varieties than you know, so it is best to get some of the more famous ones under your belt first:

  • Shelling Peas grow with the peas inside the pod and come in two varieties: early and maincrop. The pods are usually discarded once the peas have been shelled.

shelling peas

  • Edible-Podded peas, like the name suggests, are peas of whose pods can be eaten. They are also called Snap Peas. Some of the more famous ones are Mangetout, Sugar Snap Peas, Pea Shiraz, etc.

podded peas

What space in your garden works best?

One thing that you can be sure of is that peas need sunlight for germination and growth. They also need well-drained soil, that can retain moisture for a longer period. Add some compost to the soil two to three weeks before you sow your peas to increase the fertility of the soil.

pea plant

If space itself is proving to be a challenge, then you can grow peas containers or jars to save some real estate. But in this case, remember to pick a more compact variety of peas.

pisum sativum

When should you get planting?

In India, winter is usually a good time to start sowing your peas. They do usually enjoy a slightly cooler climate but nowhere near a frost. Also, if you want a constant and fresh supply of peas in your garden then sow every two to three weeks. But remember to keep track of all the different growth cycles that your peas are in at the moment.

bush green peas

Sowing and caring for your peas

Plant your peas 1 inch deep and approximately 2 inches apart. Give them a good initial covering of compost and water lightly. Birds love to grab pea seeds right after you sow them, so provide them with a net or some other kind of covering. This can be removed after germination.

growth stages of pea seeds

Once sown, peas need to be watered frequently but lightly. Don’t overdo the nitrogen fertilizer as well, because that will accelerate foliage growth and not the pea pods. As the peas start to grow, keep checking if they need some support to help them climb upwards. You will have to provide trellis support to your green peas plant as it is an aggressive climber. You can develop your own trellis by using locally available material like sticks, wires, ropes etc.

Transplanting pea plant

It will take 2-3 months for green peas plant to start producing pods. When it comes to harvesting those delicious peas, do it in the morning after the dew has dried up. Pick as often as you can to encourage more pea growth. Finally, be careful not to shake the foundations too much when picking peas, use two hands and keep the stem firm. Harvesting season will continue for next few months as long as cool climate persists.

harvesting peas

And with that, you are now ready to grow some beautiful peas in your home garden!