Growing Salvia Red

Ornamental Gardening
// May 26, 2016
salvia, salvia splendens

Annual Flower

Biological Name: Salvia splendens

Family:  Lamiaceae


Fill your garden beds and patios with these resplendent red flowers. Growing in profusion with erect spikes these flowers are available in purple, pink or white varieties and add a distinct appeal to the garden.

salvia flower , salvia red

 Growing Information:

Salvia Red

Tools needed to grow Salvia Plant:

garden tools, salvia plant, salvia flower

How to plant Salvia:

  • Sow the seeds about 6-8 weeks before the last spring.
  • Avoid covering the seeds, as they need light to germinate.
  • It takes about two weeks to grow.
  • The germination temperature is 65 F to 70 F.

red salvia, salvia splendens

How to take care of Salvia Plant:

If you wish to prevent self-sowing, remove the deadhead flowers periodically.

salvia flower , salvia red

Popular Varieties of Salvia Red Flower:

  • Salsa: These are best grown during summer. They grow about 1.5′ tall. Flowers feature shades of red, purple, pink and white.
  • Firecracker: Dwarf and compact, this variety blooms continuously and showcases blue, orange, white, pink and bicolor.
  • Sizzler: Available in pastel shades of pink, red, purple and white these flowers look stunning in any arrangement.
  • Bonfire: These bright red flowers bloom pretty late.
  • Red Arrow: These spike-like brilliant red flowers bloom pretty early.

salvia, salvia plant

Happy Gardening!