How to grow succulents successfully

Ornamental Gardening
// October 5, 2016
Succulents in pots

In a diverse and flourishing garden environment, you can often find some varieties of plant like fruits, flowers, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, creepers, etc. that would be the sign of not only a bountiful garden, but also a discerning gardener who believes in going that extra mile. But there is one other type of plant that you may find in the gardens of these people – the succulents.

succulent plants

Haven’t heard of them before? No idea what they are? Maybe you’ve heard of them but never known how to grow them well. Then this is exactly the post for you! Read on, and you’ll be growing succulents in your garden in no time!

cactus plants in seashells

What are succulent plants ?

Plants growing in arid climates need to find a way to store and make the best use of their limited water supply. They do this by storing water either in their stems, leaves or even roots, thus growing to be slightly disproportionate in size. These plants, like the cactus, aloe, sedum, etc. are called succulents. They are grown in home gardens mainly as ornamental plants because of their unique and peculiar shapes.

Types of succulents

Now that you’re all caught up on what succulents are, here are some top tips so that you can start adding some to your garden!

To begin with, you need to remember that succulents are native to a dry climate. Those are the conditions they’re most comfortable in; so don’t make the mistake of over-watering.

indoor cactus plants

See the sunshine? Well let the succulents have it but as indirectly as possible because prolonged direct sunshine will dry any plant out. Keep an eye on how they behave towards the light and keep on adjusting.

Varieties of succulents in containers

It’s so imperative for the succulents to have well-drained soil, especially during the dryer months. If you find that your soil isn’t retaining water, either change it out or move your plants to jars for the season.

Plant transplantation

Beginner at growing succulents? Well, you can double your chances of success by simply starting with plants with bright green leaves. They are much more likely to survive in a home garden environment. So for now, pass on the red, purple, blue or gray leaved succulents.

Zebra Haworthia

Prefer to grow your succulents indoors to give your house that ornamental appeal? Give them enough space to survive so that they aren’t fighting for sunlight in a low light situation.

indoor succulent plants

Succulents lend themselves really well to being grown in containers so definitely do take advantage of that. Use this flexibility to fill up the empty and bare corners of your garden with some color.

mini succulent garden

Finally, with succulents, colors aren’t just for aesthetics. They can also hint towards growth patterns like orange, and purple plants survive better outdoors while the green agave or aloe can grow even on a bright windowsill.

succulent garden

Successfully growing a succulent is a skill that not only comes with time but through right methods. They need proper care to develop in an environment that is unlike what they are used to. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible at all. Just give it a try with these tips, and you will taste succulent success!

teacup succulent garden