How to start a Fairy Garden

Landscape Designing
// April 6, 2016

This holiday give wings to your child’s imagination and create a fairy garden in the backyard. This whimsical garden type is inexpensive and exquisite. All you need is a little creativity, fairy lore, and enthusiasm to infuse life into the world of dreams.

What is a fairy garden?

A fairy garden is a miniature garden that, with its small plants, houses, structures, furnishings, little sculptures gives the illusion of beautiful fairies living there. Fairy gardens can vary in size and shape and can be placed under a shrub, under a tree, tucked inside an old birdbath or peeking out from under a prized hosta leaf.

Steps to create a fairy garden


Selecting the site: It is believed that if a fairy garden is created in a secluded area it extends an invitation to the fairies to visit it and, in turn, they bring in enormous luck and joy. You can plan a fairy garden in whatever space you have. But see to it that the garden is not disturbed by the external forces.

Design: The design of the garden mostly depends on whether you want the gardens to be planted indoors or outdoors. If your garden is in the outdoors, it can be large enough and incorporate a wide variety of plants. But all the flowers and foliage should adhere to the weather conditions outside. On the other hand, if the fairy garden is indoors it can blossom all the year round, various interesting accessories can be used for the same and it is extremely easy to maintain.

Water Features: This element adds life to the garden. The soft rustle of water on the stones and gravels creates a nostalgic effect. The reflection of the plants into the water makes it look all the more realistic and lively. If you cannot create a water feature, implant a mirror to create an unreal reflection.

Create Theme in the Fairy Garden: Thematic fairy gardens look just stunning. There are a variety of styles and themes for fairy gardens to select from. You can create gardens on the name of the fairies or create a fun and frolic space with loads of colorful flowers or just create the forest theme and a whimsical garden. Each theme exhibits a different set of accessories and plants.

Fairy House: A fairy garden without a fairy house is just incomplete. It can be the focal point around which you can develop the entire fairy garden. So, all you need to do is pick up a fairy house as fancy or as simple as your imagination. One of the most important features of the fairy house is its miniature door. That door provides the illusion of the fairies staying in the house.


Fairy garden Plants:
Choose the best plants for your fairy garden. Selecting a perfect plant that fits the scale of the garden is of vital importance. Too large or too small plants will spoil the look of the beautiful garden.

Select small leave Herbs like:

For outdoor gardens in shade choose

  • Baby Tears
  • Miniature Hosta
  • Miniature Rush

For outdoor gardens in sun choose

  • Irish Moss
  • Pinks and
  • Miniature roses

Caring for the fairy garden:

  • Keep it in a place where sunlight falls over it.
  • Water regularly, so the plants do not wither away.
  • Feed them with organic pesticides.
  • Prune the plants regularly so that the garden does not look clumsy.

Most importantly keep a drainage hole in the pot you use to create the fairy garden and protect it with stones and gravel. This will avoid the garden to turn soggy.

Now that you know what all we need to create a lovely fairy garden, let’s get started:

  • Start your fairy garden amongst the bushes or under a shady tree.
  • Remember the container you choose should be deep and have a drainage hole at the bottom. Fill it up with a good quality potting mix.
  • In the sunnier patch plant foxgloves, these are also known as fairy flowers. Then plant snapdragons, poppies and lamb’s ears. Each of these is associated with fairies in some way or the other.
  • For the water feature sink a plastic bowl in your container. Fill it with gravel. Place shells and flowers to create fairy boats. You can create a diving board with a piece of flat plastic.
  • To add light and sparkle place a few mirrors in and around the fairy garden.
  • Decorate the shrubs with some sparkle.
  • Use solar powered accessories like dragonflies to light up the garden at night.
  • Use a broken pot to create a cave.
  • Opt for a lovely fairy house with a small door that can be opened or closed. Let the house be in sync with the entire color combination of the fairy house theme.
  • Use mulch as a ground cover.
  • You can add various other objects like a swing or a tea party set for the fairies to relish the beautiful setting.
  • You can easily create an inexpensive fairy garden by using broken pots and toys, pebbles, twigs and various other things around you.

Enjoy this fantastic garden and welcome the fairies for an alfresco retreat.
Do not forget to send the pictures of your spellbinding garden.