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Gardening Basics
// October 23, 2018
Windowsill plants

In window gardening, plants are grown within the room just opposite or close to the window or on the windowsill outside. This is the most satisfying way of gardening for flat dwellers of cities where there is space crunch.  Nowadays, window ledge (sometimes referred to as flowerbed) is a part of the architecture for keeping the plants.

The plants can be placed on the windowsill and shelves, on plant stand, tiered tables, plant trolley, or planters. The permanent planters should have proper drainage. Various types of window boxes, fiberglass/pottery/iron boxes, cast cement and asbestos boxes, plastic/wooden boxes, etc. can be used for gardening. Plants are grown in good quality potting soil with rich compost.

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window plant

Right Types of Plants for Window Gardening:

Plants of window garden should be dwarf by nature; otherwise, they will obscure the view, and the container will appear top heavy. Trailing plants are generally preferred to upright plants. The climbing plants can be used effectively for framing the window when grown on the sides.

Plants according to direction: The plants requiring plenty of sunshine should be placed on the south side as well as on the east/west sides. The shade-loving plants can be placed on a window facing north, and those needing medium light may be grown successfully on east and west sides.

1. Plants for North Window:

north facing window plants

2. Plants for the South Window:

home plants

3. Plants for East or West Window:

west or east facing window plants

Plants varying widely in their water requirement should not be grown in the same window box. Cactus cannot be grown along with flowering annuals such as phlox which will need more frequent watering than the former. This problem can be overcome to some extent by growing plants in individual pots and later placing them in a box.

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