Influential Garden Designs

Landscape Designing
// March 18, 2016

The ‘foreign style’ gardens are highly influential and very impressive. But to adapt to a particular design one needs to consider suitable climate, landscape and availability of suitable plants and materials.

Japanese Gardens

Japanese art in Garden Design has been refined for 1000 years. A variety of different styles were created for different purposes. For instance, strolling gardens were created for the lords of the Edo Period. The ‘Real’ Japanese Gardens are a subject to detailed study. The combination of Raked Sand and Grouped Sand looks enigmatic bu holds a deep meaning in the Japanese culture. These gardens offer a clean look as the uncluttered appearance makes a confined area appear longer. Many elements from the Japanese Garden styles can be adapted to the Western Gardens as many gardeners are more concerned about the looks of their garden and not the underlying meaning behind the elements used.

Stone and Gravel Gardens

Stone and Gravels form a considerable part of the Japanese Gardens but can also be employed to create gardens that are crafted in a rocky, semi-desert area. These gardens need minimal maintenance. If combined with drought-tolerant plants these gardens look beautiful even in summer. Plant-lovers do not opt for these gardens as they are high in design and the opportunities for using a variety of plants is limited.
Gravel gardens are a wise choice when space is limited. They make a great path to a secret garden. Focal points like large boulders or rocks can be added to focal points and plants can be used without any constraints.

Mediterranean Gardens:


The Mediterranean Gardens are prominently known for their elegance and casual appearance. If you wish to sneak into a Mediterranean Garden like that of Spain or Italy, you can simply create one in your backyard. It will take you into a different world altogether when you step out. The look and feel of a Mediterranean Garden can be easily adapted to a tiny wall or backyard. The effect is difficult to achieve if there are neighbouring homes visible over a low fence. To create a spellbinding Mediterranean garden paint the walls of a pale colour for the light to reflect. If possible, build ledges. Pave the area with bricks, terracotta-coloured pavers. Opt for ample of pots and tubs. Use plants like pelargoniums, oleanders and daturas. Pots with Cacti and Succulents can also be used. It is the use of appropriate plants that alone has the potential to create an appropriate look and feel.

Reference: Practical Gardening by Peter McHoy