Cool outdoor hardscaping ideas

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// August 24, 2016
Outdoor Hardscaping Ideas

Don’t we all just wish for more space? Somewhere where we can further realize our imagination and turn the house into a dream home! The outdoor area of your home should be a perfect extension of the indoors, in spirit and creativity. There are so many things that you can do to turn a bland outdoor environment around, like creating a home garden!

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But that’s not where the adventure ends because don’t you want your home garden to stand out and be different from the rest? It should be a cool and unique area that plays off yours’ and your home’s personality. But if you’ve been feeling a little stuck and haven’t gotten those creative juices flowing yet, then read on, and you’ll surely discover something worth trying when you’re hardscaping your outdoor space.

  • Laying down a flagstone or any other kind of tile like flooring will immediately transform your backyard into something more modern. Just add some lush flower beds and greenery and you’ll have a cozy outdoor area!

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  • Having a water feature is a popular yet commonplace feature. To put a gardener’s twist on this, you could intertwine it with your garden itself and maybe even use it as the centerpiece of your outdoor area.

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  • Speaking of the centerpiece, it is incredibly important to have a focal point to focus on. Now whether that is your prize plant, a fountain, a living wall, a beautiful flower bed, etc. that is your choice!

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  • If you love the earthy theme that’s already running through your backyard garden, then extend it with out of the box ideas like adding a stone fireplace, it will contrast nicely with all the green.

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  • Another cool idea could be dividing your outdoor space into quadrants and planting a specific color of flowers at different elevations in each section. So you not only get amazing color contrast but also height in that space.

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  • Maybe you’re in a place where it rains quite often. While that’s good for the plants, it’s not entirely good for your outdoor space ideas. So you could try constructing a covered patio and lining the mesh wall with a variety of climbers to keep the green theme going.

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  • An insider tip and cool idea are to work with curves when you’re working the outdoors. It just works better than the harshness of corners and also allows you to play with the shape of the greenery.

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  • A fun idea but one that needs quite a bit of space is the maze. If you don’t have space but still want to try it out, then a miniature maze supported by moss sticks or beams could work.

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  • Finally, while hardscaping, don’t just take inspiration from the indoors alone, take a look outside as well. See the kind of flora that is prevalent and the shapes the greenery can take. Whether it’s coniferous, palm, bamboo, etc. your environment’s most prominent features will have useful clues for you!

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You can take these ideas and add them to your own to create an outdoor space that is truly inspired!

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