Monsoon flowers in India

Ornamental Gardening
// June 24, 2016
Monsoon flowers

The monsoon season is a season of gardening in India. It is the season that delights urban and rural dwellers equally and gives us relief from the harsh summer sun. The humid air suddenly turns fragrant with the scent of impending rain and the smell of the monsoon flowers that are rearing their head, as if being awakened from a deep slumber. Truly, the monsoon is the season of a thousand emotions and even more flowers!

Monsoon flowers India

Here are some of the blooms that you should be keeping an eye out for, as the rains approach. Don’t let them get you down and gloomy because the monsoon is a season of beauty as well!

  • The Lotus is often seen as the herald of the rainy season. If you have the facility of a small pond in your garden, then do plant a Lotus as it will add immeasurable majesty to your garden!

seasonal flowers in india

  • Found only during the rainy season, the Gulmohar is perfect for your monsoon garden. The crimson flowers and deep green leaves will add an incredible contrast of colors to your garden and keep blooming all throughout the rains.

rainy season flowers

  • You can’t compile a list of monsoon flowers without the Indigo! This star-shaped violet flower blooms well in the monsoons and brings a sweet fragrance to any garden. You can also grow them in blue, white or off-white color.

seasonal flowers

  • With a name like Monsoon Cassia, this flower had to make our list. The deeply yellow flowers can give you the glimmer of the sun, even during the monsoons. The leaves of this plant can be used as an ingredient while cooking as well!

rainy season flowers

  • Want to enhance the aromas of your garden? Then you should be planting the Cape Jasmine. Its pearly white blooms can grow to be quite large and make your garden look beautiful. The fragrance of this flower is unique and just sweetens up the surroundings.

rainy season flowers

  • Charming and alluring, the Hibiscus shrub, with its deep green leaves and colorful, trumpet-shaped flowers is a standout in any garden. They are pretty easy to grow, and yet they bloom very generously! They also tend to attract butterflies and other pollinators, which makes your garden a thriving natural environment.

monsoon flowers

  • Commelina Benghalensis or the Dew Flower is the last monsoon season flower on our list. But it is equally beautiful! Just imagine yellow, orange or blue flowers dotted around your garden, celebrating the mood of the rainy season.

seasonal flowers in india

While these aren’t the only monsoon blooms, they are the most beautiful for your garden. So, let the monsoons be a season of magnificent blooms rather than a sad gloom. The rains hold something special for everyone, and these flowers will help you indulge the refreshing weather and give your garden a new lease of life!

rainy season flowers

So, what are you waiting for? Let it rain and let’s begin planting the best monsoon season blooms!