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Gardening Basics
// May 7, 2016
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Seed selection is the first and the most important factor that determines the success of your garden. The growth of the plants always depends on the quality of the seeds you choose for your garden. Here are some of the crucial factors you need to keep in mind while buying seeds.

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Like other houseplants, it is important to know the Light Requirements of the seedling before buying it. Light Requirement is the about of sunlight in which the plant can survive or thrive well. For example, beets do well in the full sun every day, whereas Chard prefers shade and occasional light.  Another important factor is to know the Seeding Depth. This element proves to be more resourceful while planting outdoors, but it’s always useful to understand the depth in which the seedling has to be downed.

importance of seed selection, seed selection

Plant Spacing, again most suitable for row gardening or farming has to be taken into consideration as it is a major factor. Also, if you are sowing various edibles, it’s nice to know so that the plants can be prevented from crowding. Days To Maturity that is, the expected date of harvest is also one of the important factor that has to be kept in mind before buying seeds.

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Also, consider the Soil and Fertilization need of the seed. The soil is very important because the wrong soil would not help in growth and will result to plant death. Since the nutrition requirements of plants vary depending on many factors, it is important to know the fertilization needs of the seeds too.

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Container Gardening Suitability needs much also be enquired before buying any seeds. Some plants are prone to very quick growth and are not suitable for container gardening, whereas some plants require being planted in containers.  

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