Tag: Compost

Ornamental Gardening
// June 9, 2018
Old suitcase succulent planter

Here’s a great way to transform an old utility case into a windowsill wonderland. Succulents and cacti are not immediately associated with floral abundance, but these unusual and often other-worldly plants pack some surprisingly beautiful and exotic flowers. Finding the perfect way to show them off can often be a challenge, so try giving your…

Garden Maintenance
// May 25, 2018
making compost at home

A time will come very soon when composting at home or in your society will be made mandatory by law. Before you think that it’s being enforced on you, look at the primary reasons why it is so important. The following information will give you wider perspective towards the idea of home composting, and you…

Gardening Basics
// March 29, 2016

Fallen leaves are often very troublesome. If collected on a lawn they can block the sun-rays from reaching the grass and obstruct their growth. Usually considered as litter and dumped in the garbage the true potential of these leaves is untapped. They are a natural resource that can be a real boon to the gardeners….

Green Lifestyle
// March 11, 2016
sustainable farming

What is Sustainable Agriculture? Sustainable Agriculture can be defined as the method of producing food, fiber, other plants or animal products using environment friendly farming techniques. Sustainable agriculture is often compared to organic farming. However, both are different concepts. The fundamental difference between Organic and Sustainable Agriculture are as follows: 1. Certification: Organic farms need…